Ride Everywhere - Martin Charrier

Saw this on Facebook but not seen it posted by its author here.

It’s now my favourite unicycle video of all time.

36” :white_check_mark:
Geared :gear::white_check_mark:
Great Filming :film_projector::white_check_mark:

And what skill!…:muscle:


He really has smooth riding.

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I really want to know if that fold out aero bar thing is custom made - and if it is designed that way for packability or to help it get out of the way in case of a UPD :thinking:

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Maybe you can ask those who know him, @Maxence @toutestbon @bouin-bouin?
Or you can reach Martin on Facebook.

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I could reach out I know. Call me fan-shy :see_no_evil: :joy:

And anyhow it was a passing curiosity- I’m yet to be in the league that would ride with aero bars.


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mind boggling

That was fantastic!

Bars are nice. But is that the new disc Schlumpf hub?

No, this should be the brake fast adapter


Yes Martin designed his removable aerobar (as he designed his frame, the breakfast, the mirror that magnetizes to his helmet…)
Precisely to be able to easily remove the aerbar to ride off-road and the elbow rests swivel to not get in the way if you fall forward.


Thanks Simon, that’s so impressive - those folding aero bars and magnetic mirror.

I’m going to have to find the time and scope to reverse engineer that :grin:

So Inspirational! Thanks for sharing.

I get this is getting a wee bit off topic. But I think I’ll follow this make a magnetic mirror guide (or something spin off ish!)



I saw it via facebook. Road and offroad combined, Imho, Martin is among the very best riders worldwide.


On his channel he has a go-pro mounted on his handlebars. His bike computer is in view while he does a downhill of a mountain road. Speeds over 40km/hr are visible*%@!


I just watched this again and it’s almost convinced me that I do need a 36" Schlumpf after all.

Great riding!


That. Is. A. Work. Of. Art.

Martin is an amazing rider; one of the fastest Road riders in the whole world. That video makes me want to go out and ride my 36" in places where normal people shouldn’t. And at speeds I shouldn’t.

Love the clever handlebar design, the idea of a magnetic mirror (mine attaches to my glasses, but means you need the right kind of glasses), love the whole thing. Great job all the way around!


This was a great video love the shots and the fast riding was on point this is why I love riding the 36er it just feels great and after seeing this awesome video make me want to go out and ride more. Great video and you definitely know how to ride. :heart: :+1:


At the top here @holyroller :grinning:


I have watched it for like 10 times. Every time it pops out on a social media platform I simply have to watch it again. Phenomenal.