FS: 20" BMX Style Street Uni

I just put this sweet, mean-machine together and its up for sale, if anyone is interested.

This unicycle has some very awesome parts and features. I really don’t need to be selling this, so I am pretty firm about the price and it will go to the highest offer.
Ive been doing a little house cleaning lately. I am slowly getting rid of some things to make travel and moving easier. You could be the owner of one very sweet uni. This setup, if you built it yourself would cost you $444.00 plus whatever you had to pay for shipping from 3 different places. Would be easily over $500.00

I am asking only $320.00 +shipping

Here are some pictures:


Saddle- K1 White Widow (almost brand new)
Seatpost- United CrMO, cut pretty short to save weight
Clamp- Black 2 bolt with “ONE” sticker.
Frame- Black K1-Free Tricks, cut down a bit.
Hub- KH Moment hub, powder coated “Bright White”
Spokes- Primo Forged black 14g.
Rim- Primo Hula hoop, with custom sticker job"one wheel a ton of balance… looks sa-weet. (rim and spokes are in fantastic condition)
Tire- Primo the Wall- white, very new(only used a couple of times)
Pedals- Odessey Twisted Plastics - white (used)… I have a brand new pair of the same pedals in black for an extra 14 dollars.
**Cranks- K1 Street cranks 135mm

All and all this is a fantastic setup. With the exception of the pedals and cranks everything is in almost brand new condition. The frame has had a bit of use, but is still very clean and in proper condition. I just laced the wheel within the last couple months, and haven’t put it to much use.

**Note that these cranks are pretty beat up. They are far from new and have dents scratches and all kinds of ware on them, though I still hate to part with them. They make up for 80.00 dollars of the price and I am willing to take that much off of the total, if you do not want these cranks. These are hard for me to part with and I feel 80 is quite the deal, so don’t expect me to go any less. And be warned they are far from new… tho still in perfect working condition. They have grip-tape on them, I can leave it, take it off, or even powder coat them for you.

Price as is…$320.00
with new pedals…$334.00
Without Streeet cranks…$240.00
w/o cranks with pedals…$254.00

*if you would like the cranks or clamp powder coated white, or black, or any other color (I have) let me know. We can work something out

As far as the question about the cranks fitting on the hub, most of you are thinking… well read this:
The K1 cranks fit onto the hub quite well. The buyer of this unicycle will be the owner of quite a rare setup. The hub only fit into this frame after the flanges had been worn in a little bit, and only after that happened would the cranks fit far enough onto the hub. This hub now fits, in this frame with these cranks fine… pretty cool. So YES these cranks do fit fine. There is NO SLOP they fit nice and snug. One of the reason I am sad to sell this unicycling is how nice everything fits. Everything is nice and compact and the cranks fit further in then most setups allow. This makes for less Q then normal. This and the mixture between the 135s and the 20" tire make for a fast controlled ride, very nice feel.

Go ahead if you have any questions.

That is a damn sexy uni.
It is amazing for the price.
Anyone looking to buy a nice unicycle, should jump on this.
Sorry for the threadjack…
back to selling! all o’ya!

I just want to add that this is one sweet ride. I’ve ridden it and everything about it is solid - it feels really cool and looks even more badass in person.

The stickers look FLY. What does the frame say?

Thanks. One leg says Balance, other side has a smaller sticker that say **** work, without the sensor.

Also for anyone that is concerned all the stickers are vinyl-ish and should come off easy if thats what your into.

Im VERY interested in this Uni… not sure if i could afford to pay for it right now (considering whether or not im going to NAUCC/Unicon)… but I want it… how much does it weigh?

Oh man, I want to buy that too…

Its not super light or anything. I am used to a lighter much more expensive setup so It feels kinda heavy to me, but I think it is reasonable. I dont have an actual number for you. It feels pretty easy to toss around and spin.

oh… well whats your lighter set-up? Is this uni any lighter than the kh? if so… then nvm, im just looking for a strong but light street uni.

I have never ridden a KH, and I dont know how heavy they are compared to this one.
This 20" doesn’t have the lightest frame, seatpost, saddle or tire. Tho it is a pretty reasonable weight, especially for its strength.

This is my lighter setup
It now has lighter cranks on it too.

How much for everything other than the frame, post and seat? Are u willing to part with it?

Damn that rim is beat up.
And that is the sexiest uni i have ever seen in my entire life.
No doubt.
Great job.
Beastly machine.
I want one.

Id rather not part it out. If someone else wants the seat, frame and post It could work. Honestly tho, you wont get that hub and cranks setup to work in a KH frame, I dont know if it will fit the domina or not. CF base and aluminum post is the best way to lighten this setup, if I could justify putting 120 dollars into something I was selling…

Why wont it fit a kh frame?

The cranks would rub against the frame. If you used spacers the cranks would not tighten all the way, and would shift around.

I will also throw in a Maxxis Hookworm 1.95" tire for free, to sweeten the pot. Its slightly used, but in great condition.

Here is a better picture of the rim before I laced it:

Picture 12.png

I can’t believe no one has grabbed this sweet ride yet.

$260.00 anyone?

I think id want it… if it fit a kh frame…

would it not fit though? It is a kh hub. the tire would fit.