freewheeling kris holm 24!

This is amazing. i made a coker wheelman hub fit the KH 24 fame and built up a wheel set and mounted a brake

this by far the craziest unicycle ever …i am still trying to master this beast. IT IS HARD.

tell me what you think of it. eventually ill try to get a video up. maybe

Does it really freewheel? How do you ride it?

yea …

you pedal fowards but you cant pedal backs ward same as riding a coker wheelman…well half of one haha

I worship ur ingenuity. i did something like this once, but a lot more ghetto, involving welding foot bars on the bottom of a frame. i could ride it weel, but then again, i’m pretty good at BC. so keep at it, i wanna see u bust out that sheeet

Whats freewheel? Is that when you dont need to pedal to go like a BC? :astonished:

If so, thats awesome

Its like a bike you can pedal forward or you can keep the pedals stationary and still move forward (coasting like a bc).

Looks like a fun project Id like to try something like that sometime.

Wooooooooooooooow!!! :astonished:

Was it really hard to make?

The hardest part is getting your hands on a Coker Wheelman hub.

ok so who’s gonna make the freewheeling kangaroo with clipless peddles?

Oh god, that made me cringe.

Wow looks cool. Where did you get the Cokerman hub from, I’ve only ever seen it as part of a Penny-farthing, not on its own?

Once you’re good on it, I reacon you’ll be able to get some nice speed on that beast.

Looks good, looking forward to seeing a vid. How are you getting on? does it help that you have a break on it? I want to try glide/coast using the break and taking both feet off the pedals.

I have ridden one of these before (without a brake) and they are possible but tricky. Having a brake would make it more interesting. One of the difficulties without a brake is that you can only slow down by stopping pedaling, coasting for a while and waiting till you lose a little momentum. It is really important not to go full tilt so that you have a safety margin in case you need to speed up to keep your balance.

From memory it was not too bad to stay balanced as you accelerate, deceleration was the killer. It helps a lot if you can already coast.

Wow, definitely the most high-end freewheeling unicycle I’ve ever seen! I would have used a Sun or something. All that KH metal is wasted on a novelty cycle…

or is it the next step in the DH unicycle evolution?

Stopping on a Freewheel

If you know how to coast or glide a Freewheel unicycle should be possible.
I agree that a brake is very handy here. However you can always brake by turning or slaloming. That is the way skiers brake. A freewheel KH29 unicycle is definetly one of the things that I dream of owning and mastering one day!
For right now I am still working on one footed pedaling with my weak foot and going down stairs backwards!


a vert unicycle :sunglasses:

I am dying to see the video, and I’d love to try that out (as I am sure everyone else on the board would). It looks nice, good job.

is this going to re-open the “x-games” debate?!

whooop! :sunglasses: