Freewheel hub design

This is a simple breakdown of the front freewheel on a “Urban X Street Monster” trike ($59.99). Presumably it’s similar if not the same as the freewheel on the “Green Machine”($199.99) and “Hot wheels Power Slider”($79.99). But don’t hold me to that.
Here it is:

Front wheel assembly with cranks removed.

There are also little C-clamps in front of the washers that you must remove to disassemble the wheel.

Once the C-clamps are removed, the washers, lollipops, spacers and axle should all be free, fully exposing the clutch bearing hub and axle lock pin. Be careful not to lose the axle lock pin when removing the axle. It will fall out.
The Clutch Bearing Hub is held in place by 5, #5, hex bolts. Once those are removed your ready build your own freewheel.

All measurements are approximate within a mm or so.

What I’m planing on doing, is drilling spoke holes in 2 of these and connecting them a large spacer to form a hub.

Sweet I have been wondering if their was a freewheel for direct drive. I think uni will one day need to use this.

If you do some searching on in the galleries there is a video of some guys who did the same thing you are talking about. It looks real hard to ride.

that looks just like a single speed freewheel. I’ve ridden unis that just use the entire tricycle wheel, something built wiht those components but with a stronger wheel would be interesting. You mgiht want to connect the two hub flanges together otherwise they will moe relatively, causing all sorts of odd stresses that wheels are not usually subjected to.

I’m in the process of having a tube fabricated to connect them right now. The next step will be finding 10 gauge spokes.

Why not remove flanges off of a bike hub and bolt those to the existing flanges? That way you can use 14 or 12g spokes.

'Cause the cranks would be directly attached to the freewheel, meaning you’d wind up with something more like a BC wheel than a coasting uni.