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I’ve been getting into freestyle alot lately and i decided i need an actual freestyle uni. Right now i am using an onza trials and it is really hard to do tricks like spins. I need a frame that is good for stand up tricks. If possible i would want it to be under $200.

I have been looking at this one. And it looks alright.
What size tire does this one have? It gives you the option of 102mm or 127mm cranks. Which one would be better?

If you have any other suggestions/comments please post them.


that should be okay, but I think the seat might be uncomfortable. That is a really good frame, so even if you later wanted to upgrade the wheelset, the frame would still be good. 102 versus 127 is a matter of personal preference. If you are used to using 140s on a trials uni, then 127’s would probably be an easier transition, and seem more general purpose. You can always get the other length later if the one you get seems wrong.

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Lookat if you take all the upgrade-options, then for $ 10.- less you will have chromoly and heat-threated cranks and hub, plus that excellent rim as on the Semcycle-Pro, plus the Primo “the wall” tyre, and a Semcycle-seat.

im about 5’1" or so, should i get the 200 mm or 300mm seat post?
Also what is the difference in the pedal upgrades? Is it worth it to get everything upgraded? (its $220 with all upgrades i think)

If you’re actually good, you can do it on a trials uni

true, just like you can win the tour de france on this


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anyone know? what are all the upgrade verse non upgraded parts?

You can always cut a seatpost shorter (with a hacksaw or a pipe cutter) but you can’t cut it longer. If in doubt go for the longer length.

You can call up Semcycle and ask them questions about upgrades and options. The phone number is on They do shows and other events so won’t always be at the office every day during the week.

Is the fully upgraded semcycle from not as good as the upgraded one from UDC? The one from UDC is more expensive but maybe it’s worth it… anybody know?

The one from UDC has a hand-built superstrong wheel. I don’t think the Sem has that, and those are expensive. Another item - the Sem seat takes a little getting used to, especially if you’re used to riding on a nice cushy KH. Mine doesn’t bother me now, but at first I was thinking I might need to get something else!

Other than that, the Sem Longneck is definitely one of my favourite frames. Really, you’re just looking for a strong but skinny standard unicycle for freestyle. cromoly square-taper hub, good quality cranks, flat crown and a high pressure tire.

Have fun! :smiley:

Although this would be annoying to put together and wouldn’t really be stock anything, this is what I have:

Semcycle XL Longneck Frame - $65

Nimbus X Wheelset - $??? (does anybody know a price?)

Primo The Wall Tire - $16

KH Seat - $50

United Seatpost - $10

United Deluxe Freestyle Pedals - $10

Qu-Ax Lightweight Alloy 114 Cranks - $17

Total - - - $168 + shipping + wheelset cost

Basically, if you don’t want to bother with all that putting together, I would go with THIS or THIS or THIS. Good luck!

This is the setup for the upgraded semcycle on

XL 20" Semcycle - $165

Upgraded Freestyle Frame - $10
Pedals Upgrade - $10
Rim Upgrade - $10
300 mm seatpost
Seat upgrade - $15
Tire upgrade - $10

Total = $220 + shipping

The upgrade one from UDC is $339 + shipping

Ok, so i think i am pretty much decided with the semcycle XL 20" from here: (but i have a few questiond)

Leo said the upgraded tire you can get is the Primo “the wall” tire. The Primo “the wall tire” on UDC says it comes in either 1.85 or 2.1. Which size would come with the semcycle? Also is it harder to do tricks like wheel walk and hop on tyre on a freestyle uni than a trials uni because it is skinnier? I was trying these tricks on my 20" generic with a 20x1.75 tire and i was having trouble doing them. Will it just take some getting used to?

Also on it says it comes with 125 mm cranks. Is there any noticeable difference with 125 mm and 127 mm cranks?

well since the semcycle site does not offer the tire in green or gray, and UDC says green and gray are available in 2.1 only, i would have to guess that you’d get a 1.85… don’t know about the rest of your questions

The wheels of Semcycle are all hand-made… by Semcycle.
They even make custom wheels for ages. No need to doubt their expertise.

The upgraded Semcycle XL will have a rim like the semcycle-pro. It’s like the Primo’s Hoola Hoop; definitly stronger.
The upgraded Semcycle XL wheel will have a heat-treathed chromoly cranks, the model not.
The upgraded Semcycle XL has heat-treathed chrome plated crancks, the model not.
The upgraded Semcycle XL has heat-treathed chromoly hub, the model not.
The upgraded Semcycle XL has heat-treathed chrome plated crancks, the model not.
The upgraded Semcycle XL had pedals with heat-treathed chromoly axes in the pedal, the model not.
The upgraded Semcycle XL comes with a Primo the Wall, the model not.
And again:
The Semcycle XL model cost less than the model.
So, when using the word expensive, address it to the model of

The Semcycle seat has less contact with the innerleg. And has less suspension. Just for the same reason why tour de France bicycles have such tuff saddles. On the long term a too “sponge”-like seat will be very uncomfortable.
Besides that; the Semcycle seat excist of 3 parts (including a metal! plate), which you all can replace. Ha!

I don’t know what width comes by default at Semcycle. But I do know they have both in stock, and there is no price difference. So I’m sure a phone-call will give you what you prefer.

The 1.85 has less contact with the floor, so it’s a bit easier to make your manoeuvres.
If you put extra air in the 2.10 they come very close.
Same for the small difference between 1.75 and 1.85
The 2.10 tire in combination with this frame is the shortest distance between tire and fork-crown. That’s excellent for all stand-up skills. And yes, slightly easier for ww things. But like you indicated yourself, it just takes a little getting used to. No big deal.
Personally I prefer the 1.85 model, but just because I was used to 1.75 in the past, but also because I usually ride the Semcycle Pro model which is unsuitable for stand-up skills. So basicly just do what you think is right for you.

If you suddenly extend my crancks by (2*2=) 4 milimeters in total, I guess I will notice. And I’m sure I rather would see you decreased my 125 mm. pedals each by 2 mm!
Many freestyle riders use 110 mm. (Semcycle use to have theirs also available in 110).
So -to me- the question 127 mm. OR 125 mm. is an easy one: 125 mm!

Re: Freestyle Unicycle

“leo” <> writes:

> The 1.85 has less contact with the floor, so it’s a bit easier to make
> your maneuvres.

I trust your opinion about maneuvering, but floor contact is basically
governed by tire pressure:

contact patch = weight of rider & equipment / tire pressure

In any case, I know what you are talking about! In fact I put a
20x2.1 Wall on my unicycle today. There is a surprisingly big
difference in feel between it and the old Hookworm 20x1.95. Although
the new Primo is slightly larger, is it noticeably narrower. The
responsiveness was such that I found myself oversteering when I wasn’t
paying close attention, and fell off when I first tried to idle. I
can see why this is a popular freestyle tire!


now your just being stupid! I do all my freestyle on a trials and im level 7, and i can running jump mount glide, stand up ww, spins, 360 unisipin, 270 unispin, and seat draggin is hel easier since i got the trials…as long as the wheel is a 20in and the cranks arnt ober long than it works for freestyle…

You don’t need a 20" for freestyle. I ride a 24" unicycle for freestyle and I can do lots of really hard stuff on it.

Yeah but if your going for easier, i find that the 20 is a lot easier, especialy in seat on side riding…and hop on wheel