Freestyle Discussion Thread

So Yeah, I’m surprised someone hasn’t made it yet.

Anyway, I like freestyle, especially in the winter when I can unicycle in the gym.

I’m also wondering why it seems like hardly anybody does freestyle anymore.
Freestyle stuff is good to learn because it takes a lot of balance which helps with other disciplines of riding, It looks impressive to non-unicyclists and it’s actually really fun. Some of the top riders are really good at it, but now all the new riders are like I don’t want to learn that ballerina stuff or whatever.

And what’s the best/hardest freestyle trick you can do?
My best stuff are backwards 1 foot, gliding, stand up ww (not too good at it), and leg extended coast for 2 or 3 revs.

What do you mean when you say Freestyle, and why do you think there are less people doing it these days? That should start up some discussion…

I think of freestyle as in doing Wheelwalks, Spins, Pirouettes, The IUF skill levels, Stuff you do on a smooth flat surface or in a gym.

Hmm… I can do some freestyle tricks: one-footed, wheel-walking, one-footed wheel-walking, stand-up wheel-walking(not the best, but getting there) and I’m learning how to glide.

But I wouldn’t say I “do freestyle”. I just learn some of the tricks I like from it, especially the stuff I can incorporate in my street riding.

the number of freestyle unicyclists probably outnumbers all the other disciplines combined.

however, most freestylers aren’t on the forums, so just looking at the forum population will give you unreliable results of unicycle population percentages.

I wonder why Freestylers don’t use these forums, and they seem mainly the home of Street, Flat, MUni and Coker riders?

As for definitions, my definition of Freestyle is the IUF one. It’s a show. The goal of Freestyle is not only to do good tricks well, but it is also to entertain. A show. The simpler definition given by surfer1024 above works as a starting point, but it also describes Flatland (which now has an IUF definition also).

Ok, Your probably right, I was kinda biased by just looking on the forums.

But there is no need for us to separate ourselves, or categorize ourselves by specific competition events we prefer, or the end-styles we like best. If you’re practicing tricks, there’s nothing wrong with calling it “practicing tricks” or whatever. When you start stringing them together with a finished product in mind, then it starts to matter which type of event you’re preparing for.

I’m not sure why freestylers tend to not use this forum but for myself(Im a freestyler) I’d rather unicycle than talk about unicycling. So I guess I’ll get out of here and unicycle.:slight_smile:

That’s probably why their so good.

Yea ive been freestylin for 7 years but in the past year ive gotten into street 2 (funny how THATS wen i got into forums) i still do frstyle tho. My best freestyle trick is probly jumping up frh into stand up coast, though that is sumwat inconsistent. Idk thats debatable.

I now practice all kinds of riding but for the first 15 or so years I was mainly just doing freestyle. It’s fun to be able to do tons of different tricks with no obstacles, so you can do them whenever and wherever you want. My favorite trick is pedaling with my hands and 450 uni spins!

Wow. you must be awesome. I guess if you can pedal with your hands you are probably pretty good.

How do you seatdrop? Whenever I try I always fall sideways.
I ride 145mm profiles.

Any tips?

Hmmm I dont know just do it really fast, just practice its not that hard…

And I really like freestyle…In a gym I can 1 foot WW about the whole length…Its pretty cool…I cant spin yet unless I hold on to the wall and spin my self like 2 rotations…But yeah I like it…

im assuming that u r talking about bouncing the seat on the ground and picking it up again, aka a seat BOUNCE. well for one get shorter cranks… like 90s lol (thas wat i ride, though with this skill its not necessary). secondly, idk if ur doing this but dont bend forward, bend down. keep ur hand rly low on the seatpost so that u wont have 2 reach out as much. im not sure wy u’d b falling sideways tho… id have 2 c. if ur talking bout a completely different skill then tell me.

I’m not very good at seat drop but how I got to were I am is… I start by hanging on a wall and have my feet on the s and ready to drop the seat. I drop the seat while still hanging on to the wall. Leave go of the wall and see how long you can balance before picking up the seat. After you are comfortable with this try dropping the seat without hanging on to anything. You’ll soon get it! Good Luck!
By the way is seat dropping a freestyle or a flatland skill.

I don’t think that’s what he meant. He meant to drop the seat and hold it with your toe and then bring it up again.

im prty sure thats called a toe catch, and i would consider that a flatland skill.its also wise to add that in order to bring the seat back up u should snap ur feet back rly fast so that the wheel does like a real fast 1/40 of a revolution in order to kick the seat back up to u, if that is what he meant.

I think we should do away completly with the term freestyle and just call it all flatland. Freestyle is too general a term.

No use in having them seperate when they are both on flat land, unless you want to lump artistic in with freestyle, in which case you could just call it artisic.