Forum update one year anniversary 🎂 What's your opinion so far?


The forum has been updated to the new software roughly one year ago. :partying_face:

I’d like to hear how do you feel about the new forum after using it for a while.

What do you like?
What you don’t like?
How do you think it could be improved?
What features could be added?

Etc… Feel free to say and suggest anything about it and we’ll see what can be done. :slight_smile:


I’ll just say this. I love it. In fact, I love you enough for doing it, I just gave you another donation. Keep up the great work!


I think everything work well. However, I have never been sure how to move a post from one thread to another?

Thanks for getting the forum up and running again!
The only thing I think would be nice to add (for me anyway) is to have an auto language translate function.

The other thing is, it’s still mostly a quiet forum, and skewed towards Unicyclists who work in IT (this may or may or be true, but seems like it). I don’t know what the solution to that is.

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You can get extensions to Google translate for any browser.

Vivaldi (the company I work for) has it built in (just sayin’…)


The new forum is great. I hadn’t really used Discourse before but it works really well. I particularly like the way it remembers your scroll position.

I do find the search results a bit hard to parse, but that’s probably just me getting old :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing which I would really like is for the theme to auto switch between light and dark depending on the OS setting. I tend to use a light them during the day and a dark theme at night. Last time we discussed it I think you said that the two themes have different assets rather than just different colours, so it isn’t really possible.

Kinda lost its magic now that it’s Chromium. Sorry…


Now it’s Chromium?? Vivaldi has always been Chromium.

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I mean compared to Opera.

:+1: Pros:
-It can be used without problems on a mobile device

:-1: Cons:
I can no longer see other members age and location under their avatar


I love it. I was using the old forum for a very short time when it was shut down to rebuild. I was very excited when the new platform went back online. It’s very addictive and gives me a chance to interact and learn from other unicyclist, buy used equipment and be part of a community. I’m sure my situation is not rare but there are very few unicyclists in my area so being able to have this interaction is very valuable.

I feel it’s easy to use, this is coming from a person with no tech skills. Of course I’m sure I’m not using the features to their fullest potential as well as doing somethings incorrectly . Oh well I try.

Thank you and best of luck

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If anyone wonders how old @UniMyra is, just know. He is old enough to be my dad.

Hmm… How old are you? :sweat_smile:

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I am 44.

Actually he is not that much older but this was a little private joke as he once claimed to be old enough to be my Dad. Probably because I spent most of our time together acting like an over enthusiastic child! :stuck_out_tongue:


One year already? Congrats @Canapin again!
It’s part of my morning routine to come around and see what’s up. And honestly, for such a niche sport, it’s pretty active. And certainly more than it was before the big revamp!
I’d agree with @UniMyra who seems very old but we can’t know. But is it because I know this feature from the old forum? I guess I miss the location more than the age though…


I love it.

I priorly had no clue that there is forum software as awesome and well-designed in so many ways such as this. I won’t even start listing up what I like. It wouldn’t be alive and working well without the admins and mods – thank you so much! :heart:


But you`ve got less hair. :rofl:


That is because I am just a baby




Thank you!
I’ll update and bump the donations topic at the end of the month, when I know the exact amount of 1 year servers’ cost. :slight_smile:

Only moderators can do that unless I’m misunderstanding your question.

What browser do you use?
It’s built-in in Chrome (well, you need to right-click), but I don’t know about the others.

You mean hard to read, or that the results seem a bit off?
I find the results sometimes weird, but I think it’s mainly because there are very, very old posts and the search engine doesn’t take the topics’ ages into account. :man_shrugging:

Yeah, unfortunately. I looked for new info after reading your message, but the feature is still the same.
But maybe I could create a dark color palette? Won’t look as “complete” as the dark full theme, but that could be nice enough.

Users’ information on the posts is very minimal by default in this forum software as it aims to decrease redundant information.
There is no built-in option to add more or less info, but maybe I can edit the post templates to add the location under or next to the username.

You’re not the only one :laughing:
There are lots of features I don’t use (like the bookmark thing…) and I’m pretty sure there are also a lot I’m not aware of!