Automatic dark mode according to your device's preferences


Following @lightbulbjim’s suggestion, I’ve set up a dark color scheme that will be toggled according to your device’s preferences.

It’s not exactly the same as the dark theme (the latter having a bit less contrast in certain areas), but I think it looks nice enough.

It is very possible that the setting is disabled by default for all existing users, so if you want the forum to automatically use a dark color scheme whenever your device/operating system is set to dark mode, just toggle this setting in your preferences (

And don’t forget to save your changes (and reload the page)!

edit: after comparing the dark theme and the dark color scheme, maybe I’ll get rid of the dark theme and only keep the dark color scheme as they look almost the same.


Not sure about that. I sometimes like having a white theme for my desktop and a dark theme for my webpage - e.g. on Ubuntu, desktop Dark Theme does not always work great so I don’t use it.

The forum allows you to choose a color scheme for either all of each of your devices:


Works great, thanks for setting it up :slightly_smiling_face:

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