[For Sale - UK]Nimbus 24" and Steel rimmed Nimbus 36"

Nimbus 24"
Very good condition, cotterless, blue rim and black UDC gel seat(bit scratched up but nothing a couple of weeks of riding wouldnt do anyway). I will ship this with the black plastic dx pedals it came with. I havent done any crazy riding on this so nothing is bent or broken :slight_smile:

Would make an excellent starter uni… £80 inc shipping

Nimbus 36"
I suppose this is the same as the radial in america. Bought a few months ago with the intention of getting into long distance riding and a bit of commuting, but i’ve realised that bikes are much better for this purpose! This isnt to say that the person who buys this wont have a lot of fun on it! Even though its got the steel rim, its still perfectly rideable, and i’ll throw in the freeride saddle i bought for it :slight_smile: Its been used for about 200 miles, so is practically brand new. £180 inc shipping

Also i have 3 pairs of cranks. 150’s, 125’s and 114’s. I’ll be selling two pairs with the 36er and one with the 24", and the buyer of the first unicycle will get to choose which pair(s) they want and the rest with the other unicycle.

I’m just putting them up on here for a few days to see what kind of response i get, otherwise i’ll put them on ebay.

Btw sorry about the quality of the pictures, its the only camera i have access to today and it sucks.

can you get a better pic of the 36er?
also what are the specs for the 36 (like crank sizes and stuff)

Sorry, like i said the camera was crap.

Ok, here’s the spec…

Steel rim, 12g spokes, udc extra wide hub.
Cranks would be two out of the following… 150’s, 125’s and 114’s.
Freeride seat, and the post hasnt been cut down so would still be suitable for a very tall person.

Hope this helps?

how much for the 36 with only the wheel set and frame?

Iff your willing to part it out

Sorry for a bit of a threadjack, but if you’re looking for parts I’ve got a 36" wheel for sale - not as shiney and new as this one, but I’m willing to let it go pretty cheaply (it takes up a lot of room in the garage!)


Sorry mate, i’d like to sell it as a whole really.

ok but iff you change your mind i would buy just the tyre for
£40 think about it :wink: