[For sale: UK]Giraffe

Practically brand new condition, only been ridden around for a few hours. I got it off ebay about a year ago, and i just dont ride it enough to justify keeping it, plus i could use the money right about now.

I’ve replaced the saddle with a blue nimbus gel, and its got plastic dx style pedals on it.

£90 delivered.

Plus i still got my 36er for sale from [For Sale - UK]Nimbus 24" and Steel rimmed Nimbus 36".

Some good photos would go down well.

infact any information at all about what make/model it is.

Im interested in you 36"
What cranks?
What price including shipping? (to Nothern Ireland)
Any better pics?

Its been used for about 200 miles, so is practically brand new

200 miles doesn’t sound new!! did you mean 20 or 2?

Any info is much appreciated (would you seel 35 and giraffe at discount price if bought together?)


I suppose i’m interested in the 36" and the giraff, i’d need pictures of the giraff and whats the latest price you want for the 36"?

200 miles is practically new for a 36er. You can easily put that much on the wheel in a week of riding.

Ok then people, I’ve got some pictures, but its oldy using my phone so they’re not the best but you get the idea.

The giraffe doesnt have any information on what make/model it is, but it seems fairly solid and does ride well.

Also shipping to ireland will be quite expensive, and in fact it said the 36er was too large to ship to ireland, but the giraffe was itro 30 quid to ship it.

The 36er will come with both 150mm and 125mm cranks, if you buy it let me know which ones you would like fitted :).

Pics are attatched, and btw thankyou Mr Wanian, it really doesnt take long to rack up the miles. I do enjoy riding it but i’ve done a few 20-30 mile rides on it and its a right pain in the arse, i think i’ll just stick to riding bikes :).

Me again. Yea, sorry, i didnt mean any offence in saying 20 or 2 miles i mearly didn’t realise you could rack up 200 miles so easily.
Thanks for the extra info.