[FOR SALE] Steel 36" wheel with super-wide hub and cranks (UK)

I’ve decided to upgrade my coker wheel, so the old one’s up for sale. It’s a steel rim (QuAx I think) with 12-gauge spokes and a UDC super-wide hub. I’ll also throw in a pair of 152mm steel cranks. No tyre, I’m keeping that.

It’s obviously an entry-level wheel but it’s been fine for me over the last year and a half, staying very straight and true - the wide hub obviously helps there. It’s done a couple of thousand miles of mixed road and light xc trails. Nice chrome, no rust.

The only bad point is that the rim is a bit narrow at the joint, making braking a bit bumpy. It’s not bad if you brake hard on a slow steep hill, but it’s not that nice braking lightly on the road with short cranks. If you’re somewhere flat or don’t want to use a brake it obviously won’t be an issue, but it needs to be mentioned :). Saying that, I’ve ridden it like that for more than a year with a brake and it’s only recently now I’m getting better at coker riding and wanting to play with short cranks that it’s started to annoy me.

I haven’t really got a price in mind, but it’s obviously not worth a huge amount - make me an offer! Obviously if we can meet up somewhere it’ll save you postage costs and make it even cheaper. I’m in Devon, between Plymouth and Exeter.


how much are you looking for?
im not offering to high or to low to make you think im ripping you off …

As I said, I hadn’t really thought about it too much… The rim’s not really worth much (although it’s true and has served me well for a couple of years) but it’s a good hub…
So, what about £30 + carriage?

If you’re looking to build a whole unicycle, a friend of mine has just done some major upgrading so it’s possible he may have a tyre and frame going spare. Hopefully I’ll speak to him in the next couple of days and I’ll pass on any information if you’re interested.


EDIT: Oops, forgot about the cranks! Edited the price.

Further to my last post - just spoken to my friend and he doesn’t want to sell the tyre and frame I mentioned.


Wow i just saw the price of tyres i was thinking 30 but wow
i dont think im gunna go for it sorry…

No problem mate.

Yes, 36" tyres are frighteningly expensive - that’s why I’m keeping mine for the new wheel!


Bonjour , votre roue de 36 pouces c’est ok pour moi , quel prix ? je suis en France et je m’ocupe du transport

In other words… your 36 looks good for him, how much :stuck_out_tongue: .

Bonjour! Je veux £30 (UKP) pour ma roue. C’est seulement le moyeu, la jante et les manivelles (pas de pneu).
Vous dites que vous occupez du transport - pouvez-vous le prendre? Je ne sais pas le prix pour l’envoyer à France.
Excusez mon Français faible s’il vous plaît :o


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Don’t be an arsehole :frowning:
He asked me a question about my wheel in French. I’m not fluent in French by any means, but it would be rude to reply in English when I am capable of replying in the language of the questioner. If the question had been in, say, German or Norwegian, I wouldn’t have been able to answer. In this case it happened I was able to understand and reply. The argument that this is an English forum doesn’t really stand because in this case there is no need for other forum users to understand this conversation.

If you are interested in my wheel then make me an offer and you’ll be next in line if salomon doesn’t want it. Or if you know a cheap way to get a coker wheel to France from the UK then please let me know. Otherwise keep off the thread.

Ou habitez-vous en France? Je suis en sud-ouest Angleterre, près de Plymouth (bâteau à Roscoff).


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