[For Sale] Profile / Bedford trials uni

Up for sale is my old trials unicycle.
I have no need for my old trials unicycle, so i’m passing this opertunity on to you! This is (mostly) the same unicycle i rode in defect… so you can ride a little piece of unicycling history, or just have a nice uni to ride yourself.

Here are the parts:

-Bedford Powdercoated frame (lots of scrateches on the left side), 22.2 mm
-3 bolt seat post clamp

-Profile hub (not twisted)
-Profile 145 mm cranks (very new, not bent)
-Odyssee Jim C pedals, used for biking, never for trials, good shape
-Alex DX-32 Rim, powder-coated Yellow, small hop (less than 1mm) small sideways out of true (1mm).
-DT Champion Spokes, silver
-your choice of 1. Brand new Monty Whitewall tire (the one with the stripe)
2. Brand New Luna Tire

-Carbon fibre seat base, kinport front handle, miyata rear handle, miyata cover.
-steel post, 22.2mm

This is unicycle is in pretty good shape, the wheel probably has 40 hours of trials riding on it. And other than that, this is a very nice top of the line trials unicycle.

I’m asking 500 US or, 600 CAD, plus shipping.

-Ryan Atkins

dont we all wish we could just sell 600 dollar old ones cuz were gonna get new 600 dollar ones. but seriously…got anypics? i might be interested.

Oh, i forgot to add,
for general questions on the unicycle, ask them here, and if you’re interested, p.m. me.

The unicycle won’t be able to be shipped untill sometime next week, and will ship anywhere (but you’re paying shipping!)

Pics of the whole uni will also be availible in 1 week.

-Ryan Atkins

ok ill wait then.

Here’s some pics of the wheel and frame, like i said, to see the whole uni, you’ll have to wait a week, but this gives you a good idea of what shape it’s in.


here are some more pictures of the whole unicycle.
It’s in great condition, and looks awesome!



i wish i had money!!

i too wish i had the money, but i did just buy a torker dx 06’, thats gonna be good for my begginers trials =p

Are you willing to part this out at all? I’d be interested in the seat / post assembly. I’d take the Luna tire, too.

Allright, since there seems to be limited interest, i’m going to make some changes.

-The uni will come with a brand new miyata cover. This will look better, and give the uni that “new” look.

-The price is going to be dropped down to $450 USD or $540 CAD

Hopefully this will intice some people into maybe buying this uni!



I just bought a new unicycle not too long ago! Otherwise I’d get it, that’s one smokin’ deal!

why are you selling it?

What are you replacing it with?

He is sponcored by Kris Holm now, so he is riding a KH.

$@!#*$ i JUST BOUGHT A kh TRIALS. dangit. o well. :roll_eyes:

Would you sell this without the seat?

How much would it be for the seat by itself?

yeah, i would part out the uni.

i’m asking the following for each part:

-Frame: $50 (compare to $105)
-Seat (with post): $70 (compare at $79 for base only)
-Wheel (no pedals): $350 (compare at $515 from uni.com)
-Pedals: $25 (compare to $33)

I’ll reduce the prices if you want to combine on items, all prices in USD. I really prefer to sell the whole uni, and if it’s possible (for me at the time) i’ll try to ship from a US address to save shipping on the buyers end.


are the prices in american or canadian?

I’m interested int he seat.


I’m liking the look of the seat and pedals, i just PMed you about them.


The Seat and Pedals have been bought.

Price change (again) i’ll sell the wheel and frame for $350, but i really can’t go any lower than that