[For Sale] Profile / Bedford trials uni

I’ll buy the wheel/frame as soon as someone snatches up my 29.

thanks ryan, can’t wait to get the stuff! :smiley:


The wheel and frame are still for sale… $350 USD, c’mon guys!


how much would it cost to get the frame and wheelset shipped over to new zealand?

how much for just the hub and cranks?

considering the time to take the uni apart, and the fact that this is so low all ready i’d just ship out the crank and hub, but not any cheaper. If you just want the crank and hub, it’ll cost the same… $350. which is still a good price. Shipping will be cheaper on only the cranks and hub, so i guess you’ll save money there. (probably $15 cheaper)

I quoted someone shipping to australia as being around $70, so i’m assuming it’s about the same. This is the slowest way to ship, and if you want it fast, it will cost alot more.

hope that helps.


would the new owner of the profiles still be under the lifetime warranty?? is there any certifactes of ownership they need for to have the warranty??

you’d sitll be under the warenty… u just send em to profile and they replce…

No. According to the documentation Profile sends with their hub & crank sets, the warranty is not transferable; it only applies to the original purchaser. Maxisback can’t read English, so he doesn’t understand this concept.

ZING!!! burn!

If your cranks break then send them to me. I’m the “original” purchaser on 10+ sets of Profiles.

awe i gotta check this thread mor often i didnt know he was parting it out

yeah, it seems that profile is fairly loose with their warranty. I think you’d have no problem, and like AccordNSX said, there’s always ways around it, if there is a problem.
I’ve had both my sets of profiles warrantied many times, and i never registered either pair.
hope that helps

hahaha u dont have ne problem with the warranty and the company becoz ur RYAN ATKINS!! the mighty ryan ahahaha