Profile Trials wheel + Frame

As there hasn’t been much interest on my unicycle, I decided to drop the price a bit. Now, it’s $320 USD + Shipping, anywhere in the world.
So, what’s left is the wheel and frame:

-Bedford Powdercoated frame (lots of scrateches on the left side), 22.2 mm
-3 bolt seat post clamp

-Profile hub (not twisted)
-Profile 145 mm cranks (very new, not bent)
-Alex DX-32 Rim, powder-coated Yellow, small hop (less than 1mm) small sideways out of true (1mm).
-DT Champion Spokes, silver
-your choice of 1. Brand new Monty Whitewall tire (the one with the stripe)
2. Brand New Luna Tire

For pictures, check out the thread

P.M. me for any questions / interest
-Ryan Atkins

So tempting!

what is that price in CND?

320 USD comes to 371 CAD which is a killer deal beacus a profile wheel set and a frme powdercoated at bedford would cost you like 550 CAD i would get this in a second if i had the money.

sooo sooo interested now

if ryans deal doesnt go through with you i would sell you mine as im in NZ :roll_eyes:

Why? what are you selling?

profile wheelset… and frame…

oh come on guys, dont go stealing Ryans thunder, this forum is to sell his wheelset, start a new thread about urs…

i woudl still take ryans over the other guys anyways…ryan rocks… hes famous…you’ll be riding a part of possible history!

yeah thats true the stuff he’s sellings to expensive anyway… i would take ryans over his anyway being world famous and all :roll_eyes: But it’s the shipping cost thats pretty steep

dude didnt you read my post?