[for sale] Hardcore XC 26" Muni

Hey everyone I just got my nimbus 36 and it cost way too much for duties. I need to get some money to pay for it, plus I never really use my muni much.

So here it is.

It has a Nimbus Gel seat
a powerstick aluminum bike style seatpost
a KH rail adapter
a primo brake lever (needs some major shimming to fit)
Bedford 29er frame.
Kenda Nevegal Tire (2.35, but I think the frame could fit a 2.4-2.5 since it fit my 29er no problem)
Rhynolite rim
black 14 guage spokes
KH hub and 150 cranks (I also have 135’s which are perfect for xc and I will be selling them with the muni)
Some DX style pedals
Avid single digit five brakes
one of those v brake adapters.
Nimbus 2 bolt seatpost clamp

I think thats a pretty good rundown of everything, its a pretty sweet setup and you could easily tear down the wheel and build a 29er out of it if you wanted to.

I’m looking for 400 CAD plus shipping, I already have a box so its just straight up shipping.

I spent over 600 on parts alone not including things like labour, wheel build, and stuff like that.

I will try and get some pictures up today.

I just compared the price to that of the nimbus 26er on UDC and its still a really good deal with all the upgrades I have put onto it, if you want I can give you a price breakdown based on that.

Looks like a nice XC machine, Hope it finds a good home.

300 with normal seatpost and no brakes.

No More Breaks??? :frowning:

Tossed em on my coker.

So thats why it went down. :frowning:

Can I get a picture of what that looks like? I might be interested if I can get the funds.

Thanks in advance…

I too would appreciate seeing a picture…and I already have the funds available.

Wont be soon though, I think he’s gone to Vietnam… for Uni-Nam…

no frame, just wheelset and stuff.

Thats not rust, right?

Assuming it’s the same wheel set.

Right, I remembered that post. I just wanted to clarify it for anyone who hadn’t seen it.

Plastic seals don’t rust, neither do aluminum rims, or brass spoke nipples :slight_smile:

Just thought I would throw it out there.

Hey guys, I’m back from 'Nam, it was pretty damn sweet stuff there. If anyone if interested in that wheel, I’m open to offers. Its just collecting dust sitting around and I could use the money. I will ship wherever the money is.

I sent you a PM. I’ll be in Mexico for the next week. I’ll have Internet access but will probably log on infrequently.