KH wheelset

26" KH wheelset.

Here are the specs followed by pics

Kenda Nevegal tire
Rhynolite rim with machined sidewalls
KH hub
KH 150mm cranks (I can swap them for 137’s if you want)
Standard DX style pedals sealed.
Black spokes

Costs around 250 not including wheelbuild and spokes Looking for 150.

If you want I can clean off the Moab dust, no its not rusted, just dusted.

Items I’m looking for potential trades.

freestyle uni
22.2mm rail post
T7 or similar handlebar setup
24" muni wheel.

I will ship worldwide.

Costs around 250 not including wheelbuild and spokes Looking for 150.

So is that $250 for the parts and $150 for the build?

Sorry that was poor use of punctuation on my part.

I’m looking for 150. The 250 is how much parts would cost new.

Hopefully that clears things up.

Damn sonn. Thats not too bad a deal. Too bad I just bought another uni.

So would you be willing to part it out? I’d really like that hub…

Hah I thought you might, but I don’t know anyone who just needs a rim, I’m willing to part it out if someone wants all the other stuff, but at this point I’m selling it whole.

If you want I could take it apart and sell everything to you (might save a bit on shipping, but like I said its all or nothing.

willl you sell me those 137’s

Thats a shame, someone must want that rim. Come on people! :slight_smile:

If I were to get lucky and someone wanted to buy the other stuff how much would you let the hub go for?

I don’t care I just want 150 I don’t even care if I sell everything.

If someone offered 40 for the tire it would be 110 for everything else.