[WANTED] 29" MUni

Sometime in the next 3-4 months I need to acquire a 29" for unicycle-cross racing. It doesn’t need to be a beast, doesn’t need a brake, but I’m not opposed to either of those characteristics either.

Got something like this you’d like to sell? Post here or email me: jack.olsen@gmail.com

All you have to do is look…

And if you took your own advice, you would have seen that he, almost 3 hours ago, posted in that thread already.

No, all YOU have to do is look. :astonished:

And all You have to do is look because agent q already posted that

It isn’t a 29er but it just might suit your needs

26" XC MUni with 29er frame for $300

Don’t be a… multiple rude word’s I’d love to call you

We posted it at the same time, LOOK YOURSELF.