Fluck Countdown

39 days!

How do you use kickass in Danish?

38 days left.
28 days til we start building.
See the building livestream on unicycle.tv

37 days left! I’ve got to buy those plastic pedals soon…

oh, thanks for reminding me of that!
37 days, awesome

I have bought plane tickets to Denmark now! Is it difficult to get from Copenhagen to Fakse?

ahhh why are the flights so damn expensive and why did work have to tax me so much… wiill look for cheapest option when home, hope i can still make it :s

Amanda on Rocco’s account still

36 days!

35 days, eh?


Fixed that, sorry for confusion.

Not really, but maybe if you are not used to get around on Denmark:)

First you have to get to Copenhagen central station (trains leave from the airport all the time), there you have to catch an s-train towards Køge (leaves every 20 minutes) and in Køge you have to catch a train towards Fakse ladeplads (leaves once or twice an hour).
The hard part of the trip is to find the right end of the train from Køge to Fakse ladeplads, since the train will split halfway, and only one part of the train will go to Fakse Ladeplads. Ask some of the locals where in the train you should sit!

And if you sit in the middle of the train, then one half of you will go to Fakse Ladeplads and the other somewhere else? And they can reunite back in Copenhagen and share their experiences. The only thing is - will they let me go to Fluck with just half a wheel?

34 days left.

33 days.


31 Days!

30 days, actually. We nearly lost count, just as Shaun feared. Today is 10th of June, there are 30 days in June, Fluck starts on 10th of July => 30 days left.

Don’t worry, Shaun, I’m on it!

Oh no! Why not?

Less than a Month Left!

Next month at this time we are actually going to be at FLUCK!
Life is good!


What’s your problem? You’ve a healthy kidney, haven’t you?

(Blue’s got a holiday today, so I have to post this)