Fluck Countdown

29 days.



28 days left.


I think you wound your watch backwards, Fredros.

27 days.

Oh. Haha. What happened? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yayyy Amanda!

We’ll hold you to it now… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay! Amanda’s going!

Very glad to hear that. And you didn’t even have to sell your kidney…

Edit: 26 days.

This trip will be sweet. Big parties going down at night? I need to ride my face off when I get there. We need some sick games of UNI.

-Shaun Johanneson

FLUCK is going to be GREAT!

Hi All,

I am really exited about all the people who are going to be at FLUCK. It is goingto be great to finally meet all the riders that I look up to and that have motivated me to ride! There should be some great parties at night I will make sure of that! Also it should be pretty kick ass to ride around Copenhagen after FLUCK. I am going to be staying in th e Sleep in Heaven Hostel. Just think next month at this time FLUCK will be winding down!


Kewl, me too!

25 days.

24 days.

I should start making a check-list of stuff I’m gonna bring along.

23 days? I think it’s still barely 24 days here…

Are kidneys crucial for unicycling?

Woohoo!! That’s awesome Amanda!! A unicycling event just wouldn’t be the same without all of your British shannannigans!! UNICON, BUC, and now FLUCK!!

And Shaun…come on… big parties going down? Is that a real question? This is Europe we are talking about… and unicyclists… always big parties! I’m pumped!

See everyone soon!

Love Kevin

Check off List


Include a few bottles of Scotch and Burbon in that check off List of yours!


Post the check-list online!

I want to see it, could be handy.

It’s gonna’ be like getting accross a golf course to get there, it’s a fairway.

Punny… punny.

Expect more of those and some ‘that’s what she said’ jokes when I get there.

Kevin… could there be a party without us Brits? Unheard of.


I kow from experience that both Brits and Danes knows how to party. When you put both brits and danes in the same party it will be crazy.

Waaaaay!!! Weeeell… I think the Brits know how to drink, but thats the same thing by my guess’.

Maybe Kit will give us a little chicken dance eh?

It’s just hit home that it’s close, well looking forward to it, gonna’ be such a larf.


Your party is going to have a large ‘Aussie’ shaped hole in it.


22 days left!

I’ll post the check-list later on. Will the parties be going down during Fluck or after? If so during, then how do you guys plan to take part in competitions and stuff? Or is it a sacrifise you’re willing to take?