Fluck Countdown

You guys are so excited that before long it’s going to be counted down in increments of hours, not days.

Then you’ll all spontaneously combust.

How do you get a cheap deal by spending the night in the airport?

Oh, okay.

My flight seems to be at really good times. I arrive there in the morning, have a day to myself, go to Fluck the next day, then after I’m there till Monday afternoon.

Are you still going to stay at that hostel in Copenhagen? Better book that too if you are, I think.

Yes, I haven’t booked yet, though. I’m going to as soon as I get all my documents in order.

Google sleep in heaven Copenhagen. That hostel’s got one hell of a website.

I have no idea, becuase of the time differences and all that, and It’ll take me like 9 hours to get there…

47 days.

It’s closer than it’s ever been and now it’s getting closer.
And now it’s getting closer. And now it’s getting closer.

It’s closer than it’s ever been and now it’s getting closer.
And now it’s closer still.

Actually it looks like it’ll take me 15-17 hours.

I emailed Kristian asking him what would be the best time for me to arrive, there are several options when booking my flight…

No way you’re going to last 47 days.
Not a chance.

Well, I’ve lasted 19 and a half years so far. I think I can manage another 47 days.

I hope I can.

46 days!

Back from a party. 45 days!

the Winner Is!

I declare Ivan the winner of the “I can’t wait for Fluck!” Boy, I thought that I was impatient and I know that Shaun is impatient! But Ivan is counting down the minutes! I am happy that I signed up on the last day and did not have such a long countdown! By the way Ivan I got a friend who I unicycle with that also has a pilot license. If it is cool with you we might rent a Cesna 2 seater plane and fly out to Cyprus for a day of MUniing with you!


Counting minutes? I must be doing it subconciously or maybe repressing the memory, because I don’t remember doing so. 44 days left!

And it’d be cool if you flew over! We could also muni with a parachute from that plane unto Trodos(the highest mountain in Cyprus) and ride all the way down. Wouldn’t that be hardcore? Just say when you’re planning on coming here.

lol, you must be waking up early for your posts, it says post-this morning, 5:14 AM.

Im not old enough to go to Flunk, my parents said.?

i dont think he`s early, its just the time difference. we are some hours before you here in europe.

They’re wrong!

43 days left.

And anyone is old enough to flunk. Don’t listen to your parents.

42 days!

41! im looking forward to it

40 days. Juhuu