Fluck Countdown


166 days left until FLUCK. That is not so bad. lol. Help me out with this. I don’t want to see a day missed. WHOA! I’m so excited. Street riders gonna shake it down. ha. Laters.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. If you are debating on coming, stop, and just come. Come on, Jason Auld will be there. That kid has huge arms!

Yeah well… well… I can’t afford to come.

i cant wait either

You’re not the onlyone who’s waiting :smiley:
Probailer2-(Peter) and me are also counting down till FLUCK :astonished:


I’m saving for university.

I’m going to a welding school this starting semester for co-op at my high school.

I wish i could come to Fluck…Shaun whats your reason for going…I thought that Fluck was Trials and Muni…Is there going to be an essence of Street this year…Cuz if there is that would be sweet for you.

its going to be a street contest

Oh ok so Shaun or Dan is gonna probly win right? Lol

yeah, shaun or dan is probably going to win, but i think xavier is coming, so nothing is safe,

but the best european rider is going to get the award i think

Hey, can’t argue with that!


Maybe not a complete street essences. But something can be created. I know some street riders will be there, and I’ll set up my own little games with them in our free time. Some trials comp going down, will find a place to do some UNI, or some follow up, or whatever. It will be rad, some big air dare type games. It will be awesome for street riders this year. I promise. I’m so exicted.

-Shaun Johanneson


Maybe it just went to get some air. It’ll probably be back before you know it.

We have to sess triple flips.


Dumb question: what is FLUCK and where is it?

A uni convention in Denmark. Should be rad. Mainly Trials and Muni, but all conventions are like that, well up until FLUCK 2007, I know me and some street riders will get some sideline street games going down. Should be rad.
1st ever organized game of U-N-I. (Maybe annual)

-Shaun Johanneson

165 days left until FLUCK…

Damn, you beat me to it. ha. Yep 165 yo. Whoo. ha

-Shaun Johanneson

Me and all the other Swedish rider will be handing out peaches to everyone, you better watch out!

Myself, I’m going to own the trials course during the day then pose on top of some huge stairsets when night falls, pretending to be a street cyclist…