Flat Protection

I have been getting a high rate of flat tires lately due to thorns. Not sure why this is a new problem. My tire still has tread but is fairly worn. Could just be the time when the thorns have grown and dried.

Who out there runs flat protection? What do you use?

I used to use green goop in mtn bike tires but would prefer not to. There are some puncture resistant strips that go on the inside of the tire which I haven’t tried. Maybe I should just blame it on the wear of the tire. Thoughts?

While we are here…How many times would you patch a tube?

{Details: KH29er Muni. Kenda Small Block 8 tire. 26" tube. Muni, cross country and single track.}

the liners work great, i used one on my 20 inch and that protected me from thorns then i used an extra thick tube so i wouldnt get pinch flats. The slime works good as well, i used before and never had any problems. Only downside is that it adds some weight to the uni

I’ve added a cutted tube over the other tube, it makes it thicker and I’ve had less flats with this, but it also adds more weight. If you’re not a weight freak you can try this :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve tried several things in the past with good results. The commercial tire liners work good. These will stop virtually all flats except for what comes in from the sidewalls of the tire. With the liner you will still occassionally get a flat where liner overlaps, be sure to round the liner where it overlaps. Next thing I have also tried is a old slick tire, cut the bead off of it, and use it as a liner, this works great also. Slime didn’t work good for me. I live in Delano, CA where there are a lot of goat head thorns everywhere. If you don’t have a liner of some sort, you will be constantly fixing flats. And how many times I will patch a tire. As many as I can, most inner tubes can take at least 8 to ten patches. I never use the stick on patches, they don’t work for me, use the glue on patches. Patch the tire until something messes up or it gets a hole to big to patch, or a hole right next to a patch. Then it will be time for a new inner tube. A patch is always quicker and easier for me than to replace a tube.

I think I have one of those liners around here somewhere. I was given a couple of them at inter-bike a few years back. I’ll see if I can find them.

A tire in a tire or tube around the tube. Had not thought of those.

I don’t know why I don’t like the goop so mouch. Maybe the weight and that it spits into the pump when you air up. With bikes the high speed rotation spreads it well but I didn’t know how well it would work on a uni.

I am a little bit of a weight weenie but I’d rather have a heavier wheel than walk home. A little weight adds a little momentum so there is a bright side.


When I say that I don’t want to walk home I am not intending to insult pedestrians.

-flat proof strips warp after a while so i stopped using them although in your case that may be the best option :slight_smile: seems youre a thorn magnet
-a standard 29er tube may help, i run a regular tube with a nevegal on my 29er, and i havent had too much trouble.
-heavy, thornproof tires and an extra layer of tubing both have a more sluggish feel. i get a lot more bounce from a regular tube.
-in a bike, i kinda hated running slime filled tires b/c sometimes it seemed to get out of balance and make my wheel spin strange at high speeds however they did seem to work effectively stop flats. Muni is to slow to notice irregularity in spin.
-i really like using prefilled slime tubes in my hardcore muni setup. really works well to stop flats. the prefilled tubes have smaller fibers so theyre ok on thorns but wont work as well on bigger stuff. I filled a regular tube with the recommended amount of the bottled slime and it actually filled a nail hole! it still leaked slowly but i had no trouble finishing my ride. (patched it later)

Let it be said that it’s important to rule out the same thorn as the cause of subsequent punctures. Make sure they’re not occurring at the same place in relation to the valve stem, etc. Check for any protrusions inside the tire, rough spots on the rim, or rim strips out of place. Many of us have been victim of multiple punctures from the same source…

Excellent point John. Not the case in my situation, I always check the tire thoroughly so that doesn’t happen.

The “thorn magnet” theory probably holds water. Usual routine is to ride the worst local route that I can. :smiley:

I have found the protection strip. Looks like the perfect size too. It is pretty flimsy and floppy, any good tricks for getting it evenly spread inside the tread? Little spots of glue stick?

Tire patch is drying so please respond in the next 30 seconds. (jk)

I’ve had great success with the green slime solution on my 36, but it gets pretty good rotation versus smaller tires. Not as good on Muni and trials.

In my Muni I run a rim strip and heavy duty tube. W/ this set up I’ve never had a flat. This adds a bit of weight w/ one pos. effect (the extra inertia made rolling over bumps slightly easier) and several neg effects, but worth it for me to not have to worry about flats.

For a while I had a thorn resistant tire and reg. tube on my 20 which I’ve pulled dozens of thorns out of w/o flats.
Any of Specialized’s “Armadillo” or “Control Casing” tires

I as long as you can still do a good patch job, there’s no end. when I was a kid I had over 12 patches on my bmx tube before I got too impatient and didn’t let the glue dry on one completely.

The stick on patches are fast and easy, but less reliable and less permanent (mine always eventually pealed off).

I’ve added slime to b*kes and if I ride 1+ times a week it’s fine, but if I let it sit for 2 wks, the wheel gets way out of balance and never seemed to completely get better. Also if I put it in the garage and/or car it smells like chemicals. I never noticed any leaking.

I use 3 or 4 strips of duct tape ~ 1X3".

Duct tape strips perpendicular across the strip taped to the inside of the tire? Sounds easy, tape shouldn’t be a problem.

I will keep patching the tube for now. Usually I will do about 3 and then toss it but there isn’t any good reason not to keep going. When I run over a cactus and have 10 holes at once I’ll toss it :smiley: I always use the glue on patches, haven’t seen the other kind.


You might also consider going tubeless with Stan’s Latex Sealant. I haven’t tried it, but others have with good success:


UPD in Utah

Interesting suggestion UPD. I will look into that when I am ready for a new tire. On a money diet currently and already have the strip installed.

I used several half width strips of gaffers tape to hold the strip in place.


Thought I would report on the success of the protective strip in case it is a helpful solution to others.

I can’t tell the difference in weight or feel with the strip installed. Have put the tire through a lot of punishment and no more flats! So far so good.