First report from RTL

and i’ve gotta say it is windy! I’m in Annapolis Royal and was walking off the jet lag before breakfast (I waited to get up after the sun rose, I love jet lag) It’s very strong from the east unfortunately…
I can recommend avoiding a company called Cloud Shuttle, a minibus service operating between Yarmouth and Halifax - even with a prebooking they’ll leave you stranded at the airport to take a couple of buses so you arrive 5 hours later than planned.
It’s a really beautiful place though… very quaint olde worlde town (more like a large village), with plenty of tourist trinket shops and realtors.

Just got an email about an hour ago from Dave White, saying he’s on the ferry to Digby. He will try to drive the Day 1 route to see how it looks and be in town tomorrow I guess. Look out for him! He may be the unicyclist with the most years of experience in the race. In fact, his story would probably make for a great article in Uni… :slight_smile:

I’m actually hoping for a nice, stiff headwind. It’ll make it harder to ride them new-fangled geared-up contraptions, and sort of level the the playing field.

Of course, it will make the whole race harder, too…:o

Yeah, simply riding (roughly) 500 miles in 5 days [in calm weather] just isn’t enough of a challenge, lol! :stuck_out_tongue: :roll_eyes: :wink:

Kelly (my wife) and I crossed on the Ferry from Prince Edward Island to Nova Scotia this morning and made our way to Halifax via the first half of Day 4 backwards (New Glasgow to Brookfield).

There’s only one word that’s important to describing the route today:


At times it was howling. There were mini dust storms picking up in fields. You could notice the wind pushing the car around on the road. I’m all for a challenge, but for me it would have been really difficult on a Uni.

Good news is it’s supposed to be much less windy tomorrow . . . and other than the wind, the weather is excellent.

See you all soon!

I wish Google Earth was real time so everyone could watch RTL
Good luck to everyone

I believe the race will be constantly reported on the RTL web site. I think the idea was to have realtime mapping of the location of each team, but not 100% sure about that.

Be a lot more exciting to watch than some sports broadcasts! (golf?):stuck_out_tongue:

All right, we need to get clear on who we can count on to play the role of Gossip Columnist for the RTL. We need a Bar Report, and we need one soon. People started arriving today. Who’s been spotted in the hotel restaurant? Who was drinking with whom in the hotel lounge? Which unlikely couple was already risking their race by doing post-beer freestlyle cokering in front of the hotel? Have we seen any former world record holders, and if so is it clear yet whether they were lying about their lack of training?

Who’s stepping up? Maybe the role can fall by default to whichever rider was officially “last in”. I’m thinking it’s either Geoff or Jeff, which would be cool because then we wouldn’t have to strain our memories too much to remember the name.

That’s what the website says at:

They say each team’s GPS will show up live…
I hope so!

That’s great. I just finished perusing the RTL site, looking for a page where that information might show up, but couldn’t find one. I hope it’s “findable” once the race starts. Meanwhile we’ll keep our eyes open for the race rules, which don’t seem to have ever been posted to the site, as well as the schedule document, which tells when and where everything is taking place… :slight_smile:

Perhaps it will be here:

It says “This page will go “live” when the race begins” … (not “when it ends”)

Oh and the Rules (and schedule) appear to be listed in the FAQ’s section here:

Greetings from Team NZUNI. We’re spending the night here in Vancouver and flying out to Toronto and Halifax tomorrow. See you all on Sunday!

Photo taken just outside of downtown Halifax. Winds were very strong here today, our support vechicle was being pushed out of its lane whilst driving back to the Inn.

This lake had whitecaps forming left right and centre.


The support suv’s have a DVD player and RCA inputs. :slight_smile:

Welcome, all. Nova Scotia can’t wait to see you

I’ve just been looking through this thread.
As part of the planning committee, I have been looking forward to putting faces to names. We are thrilled to have you all here. Foss, looi, Wakeling, David Stone.
Bill Merrylees, Team Venus, Eric Pulvermacher, Beth Amiro…well, do I have to name all 105? We will all get together tomorrow. Weather here good, and yes, we are stuck out in the Atlantic Ocean and the wind will blow. Welcome to the right coast of Canada.
Best to all riders.

Sitting in Ancorage Alaska

I will be flying in and picking up all the guys from Team Manly Legs. I just finished working a camp in Kodiak Alaska - soon the 22 hrs of flights/ stop overs will put me in Halifax. Can’t Wait.


manly legs for the win!

Luckily, wind doesn’t scare me. I think it’s windier in newfoundland than it is there, and the wind is colder too :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to see you all there!

In Halifax, heading to the airport in a few minutes to pick up the team vehicle.

We haven’t seen anyone else with a unicycle yet . . maybe at the airport?

Our plan for today is to ride the time-trial course and then drive to Annapolis via stage 2 backwards getting there by 2pm.

It’s getting real!

Geoff & Kelly Elder
Team Balance

Good morning Nova Scotia:

Smoke shourds Highway 107 heading into Porters Lake after a brush fire, fanned by winds as high as 90 kilometres per hour, threatened to jump over the road.