Favorite best saddle

I will think about it. Thank you! your willingness to help is so incredibly nice!

@xav29er Do you have the Kris Holm Fusion Zero too?

Sorry, I don’t have the Nightfox. My saddle on my 36er QX Rgb is the QX Eleven. Maybe that’s a good choice?

I don’t like the mad4one saddle handle saddle quite as much as my KH fusion freeride/fusion street/QX Eleven. The seat has a tendency to fall backwards between my legs in hopping (maybe it just needs more adjustment) and the saddle between my legs is a lot wider than the other saddles. I feel like I have too much pressure there rather than on my sit bones. But maybe it just needs to be adjusted more.

But the handle is super strong and solid.

The saddle falling back during hopping usually comes with longer handlebars. Your hand naturally comes closer to your body when you pull on the handle, which pushes the seat back. The further forward your hand is in relation to the seat, the further back the saddle will push.

The Mad4one seat seems to be received similar to the fusion zero/one. Some people really cannot get comfortable with it (and I think that mostly comes down to the width), but for others it is the most comfortable option by far.


Still working out the details of this. Right now it’s just held on with zip ties. Once I figure out the correct height and angle I’ll do something cleaner.


Very interesting! I’m interested to learn if the springs add to, or take away, any sense of control or connection to the unicycle.

I can definitely see the potential to this sort of design. Bike seats have much more r and d and having a handle like that should make the bike seat function more or less like it is designed to. Looking forward to hearing how this works out!

Very interesting! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you Finn. That helped me a lot!

Thanks Linda, your experience is exciting to read. If you like, you can send me an update, when you figure it out, what’s the best way of using the Saddle is…

Note that the muni/road handle saddles come in both narrow and wide versions, so people’s experience is going to vary.

And people’s bodies are different shapes and sizes. For how often these discussions come up and how infrequently anyone can agree shows how different everyone is and how there’s no one size fits all.

It’s unfortunate that there’s no easy way to try a load of these different saddles unless you’ve got a local club with them, local friends with them, or you just want to buy them and try them all.


I’ve resisted recommending any specific saddles for that reason. I know what I do and don’t like, but really the answer to these kinds of questions is “try a few different saddles”.


Unfortunately, I ended up putting it back on the bike. The springs didn’t seem to lessen any control over the unicycle, but the nose of the saddle made it extremely uncomfortable to ride on. When it was angled forward enough to take pressure off my perineum, it felt like I was sliding off the saddle and when it was angled back far enough to prevent that my weight still ended up being supported by the nose of the saddle.

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I found exactly the same thing on the very large saddle I tried. The pointed nose on a bike saddle just does not work well on a uni. I’m working on some workarounds.

My current plan is a layer of hard plastic on the rear on the handle saddle between the leather and the foam. I want to get something in there that puts as much of the weight as possible on my sit bones.

My experience with bikes has been that nothing is truly comfortable on a long ride, (even recumbent riders have to deal with “recumbent butt”), but so long as most of your weight is being supported by your sit bones and not your soft tissue it’s a manageable discomfort. The problem with unicycles is that it seems that there is no easy way to take the weight off your soft tissue.

I find that with a handle, the Fusion Zero/One does that for me. I’m riding almost totally on my sit bones.


I really like the handle saddles, but I think the the way the foam in them is arranged gives really bad support to the sit bones. If you look at one you’ll notice there are actually cutouts in the foam where your sit bones should rest. I don’t notice any problems with them while riding muni since I am constantly switching between supporting my weight on the saddle and my weight on the pedals, but when riding on pavement or easy trails for a long distance it becomes pretty painful.

I imagine I just need a few more months of trial and error before I figure out what works for me. I don’t really want to go the big handlebar route though as off-road riding is where my focus is.

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It would be interesting to see a Brooks Cambium style unicycle saddle. They’re very popular in the biking world, and I find them to be pretty comfortable.

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It’s rhe light saddle from brooks. I also preefer rhe bike saddles from sqlap but there also not cheap. Cheaper than a brooks saddle yes That’s right but 160 euro only for a saddle? But there very good i think.

Well you could try the Brooks on a unicycle :grinning:

I have been riding regular bicycle saddles on my unicycles for quite some time, and I cannot imagine going back. So my favorite saddle is currently a split nose ISM saddle.

More pictures of the saddles here