Favorite best saddle

What is your favourite saddle for unicycling?
My actuall saddle is a Nimbus, I hate it!
Then I use the QX Eleven Saddle and the KH Freeride too. They are good, nur Maybe you know a better one. Do you have experiences with the new Nimbus Air? Or do you have a completely other recommendation?
Thank you!


You won’t find an overall best saddle. Saddle preference is really depending on the rider and the riding style.
As a man, I personally find KH Fusion One, KH Street and Qx Eleven are the best one for road and off-road riding. The first one needs a t-bar to be comfy, the 2 others don’t.
I don’t have any experience with the Nimbus Air Saddle, though.

Finally, the best way to know which saddle is the best for you is to try them. Do you know any unicyclist located near you that can lend you some saddles or complete unis to try them?


Depending as well on your but and your tighs (mine are quite wide so I need narrow saddles)

Unfortunately I have no unicyclist located near me, who can lend me anyone of those saddles. So it’s difficult to buy one without knowing which one is the best saddle for me…

Not cool :confused:
What do you like in Qx Eleven and KH Freeride saddles? What don’t you like in Nimbus saddle? That may help find the saddle you’ll like the most.

I have a KH Fusion One on my 36er and have never enjoyed a saddle nor found one as comfortable as this.

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A nimbus air saddle cover will make any saddle alot more comfortable. I have one over my kh sadfle. The thing you will need to figure is whether you like flat or curved saddles. I personally don’t like flat a slight curve is better for me. I recommend you try the air cover over what you have and see how it works, its around $50. .

I like the M41 handle saddles. I’ve been doing muni with a medium and I have a large on my 36er. They aren’t the best for riding SIF though.


What means SIF?

@anne_unicycle Why don’t you ask me, you can try Fusion One and Zero and Nimbus Gel.
I had the Nimbus Gel on the 36er and its comfortable, but as a man, the banana form is not the optimum at long rides.
The Fusion Zero needs time to get used to it, but its my 2nd place. I got it on the 36er now.
The Fusion One is on my 27 Muni for best way of comfort and some kind of sitting suspension.
Its my favorite.

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Seat in front

Hallo Xaav,
das wusste ich nicht. Ich dachte, deine Sättel wären andere. Danke, dass ich diese ausprobieren darf! :slight_smile:

Saddle in front. So if that’s not something you plan to do, then it’s not an issue.

What does this mean „saddle in front“?

It’s when you use your hand to hold the saddle in front of you while you ride, so that you’re not sitting on it, but riding with the saddle in front of you. Generally you want to hold the saddle by either the center or the back when you do this as it gives you better control and most saddles have an undercut on the bottom to make them easier to grip from the back.

I’d agree this is all very subjective and I haven’t tested all the saddles available. Fusion Zero was a total no-go for me as it was just too hard to get used to without hating riding.

I have however tended to stick in the KH saddle camp as they feel the best with the least number of compromises. I run the Street saddles in my 29er and 36er as I like the slim nature of those saddle. Then for my Nimbus Oregon and G26er it’s the Freerides.

Tempted to one day try out the Handle Saddle and the Fusion One. But at present my rides are long enough to really notice the saddle and so the KH gear I have feels good. Also like the look and aesthetics of them more than what I’ve seen from Nimbus.

Hope you can find one that suits your riding and preference

Hello Anne! I too was asking this question when I first started riding, and there’s just no “best” saddle for everyone or a one size fits all.

I think you hit on the key phrase in one of your comments when you said what’s the “best saddle for me?” It is truly subjective since every rider is different - from their unique anatomy to their riding style, age, gender, etc. Way too many variables.

You will find everything from glowing reviews to very negative reviews for almost every saddle. Personally my current favorite is my QX Eleven. I’ve also tried the KH free ride and the KH Fusion One, which I just couldn’t stand. Maybe I didn’t give them enough time to get used to it…

I too am very curious about the nimbus air saddle and the air saddle cover. Mixed reviews here as well from what I’ve read. It’s absolutely best if you can try them out first. However I, like you, didn’t have that option and had to simply order some based on others’ reviews. I’ve returned saddled that I didn’t like. Not ideal but that was my only option.

This forum is a wonderful place for questions like these and there is so much knowledge to be gleaned from the wisdom and experience of all those who share our unique passion. I hope you find your perfect fit! Happy riding

Hello. My subjective choice - standart bicycle seats.
Firstly I did try many different unicycles saddles. It was awfully. I did cutting and flatting them, yes, became better, but not suitable yet. I thought then, why everybody of millions common cyclists use common bicycle saddles and haven’t troubles? Why I can’t? And I tried. After it, I’m using bicycle type seats only. My body, my back vote for common bicycle saddle. Maybe unicycle type seats are better for tricks and jumps, but I’m not a clown, I’m a rider. Of course, it is subjective. Everybody should to try all personally, but it is simplest matter to take and try bicycle saddle. Even, if you haven’t own bicycle, you may to borrow it from friend or neigbour. Try it.

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Do you use a handlebar on the uni? With a handlebar to hold you back on the saddle a bicycle saddle makes some sense on a unicyce.

On a bicycle the saddle works differently then a unicycle. The pedals are a little forward of the saddle and that helps to hold you back on the saddle. Also even a larger difference is the handlebars on a bicycle that push you back on the saddle. Without the pedal offset and handlebars on a bicycle, bicycle saddle a would not be good on a bicycle.