Fat Tire Review Thread: Tires > 3"

What the current low weight record for you?

I’m currently around 5.7kg (I’ll have to weigh it when I assemble the new combo). But there is still a lot of potential. But I want to use serial parts. And carbon rims are out of the question, it should be a unicycle that has a “normal” price. There is potential for savings, for example at the fork (approx. 500g), pedals 100g, saddle

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5.45 kg

(The seat post is shortened, it is without mounted brake, with carbon pedals.)
With a usable and cheap nylon fiber pedal with metal pins it is +200g


That looks nice!

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Really??? Looks like unicycle suicide to me. :wink:

Anyone try the 26x3 beach bum?

I’m thinking of swapping my duro wildlife
for this so I can do some road riding with my 26 er on vacation…

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TL;DR I prefer the Duro Wildlife if you re choosing between the two. But for road riding, if you want a “big” tyre with road tread, then IA-2236.

I’m getting a not found on that innova link. Is the fat frank available 29 x 3?

Super brick in white wall

In brown

Black was here but is sold out

I corrected the link

No it is 2.35

How do you mean that ? What exactly do you find bad about this unicycle?

I don`t find anything bad about this unicycle. It was only a joke (maybe bad) about the last picture, where the unicycle is hanging at the ceiling.

Ah, now I get the joke :rofl: At first I thought you thought it was suicide to ride something like that :wink: Thanks for the explanation


Thatˋs the downside of trying to be funny, sometimes you have to explain your jokes. :frowning:
And thatˋs the part of my job I like the least.


In hindsight, the joke makes sense. No everything is OK keep your sense of humor

Edit: I realized we've discussed about this tire before, so you are definitely aware of that!

Just a heads-up, the IA-2236 is VERY HEAVY.

Check out this post, I have listed a few road tire options for this purpose. I ended up with Maxxis Hookworm, then Maxxis DTH.

Yes, yes it is! This means getting it going and keeping it going is indeed more work. So in total more tiring. On the flip side it does not slow down so much when it hits something, even when pumped pretty hard, so it feels pretty stable. Somewhat similar (though not identical obviously) to what you get with get a big wheel like on a 36.

So it is both a good and a bad thing, depending on your pespective and what you are after. Off road it would be a bad tire because you have the weight with minimal grip. On a paved surface that is imperfect, I find it nice though I often take a smaller, lighter tyre instead. It is certainly nice for me as an option.

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Now 5.36kg with Kenda Juggernaut Pro 26x 4.0

I’ve been riding the Kenda Juggernaut Pro 26x 4.0 for a few days - even if I haven’t tested all aspects yet, I can already make a positive statement:

  • Super light ! The tire weighs only 860g on my scale (840g manufacturer information)

  • Very easy to steer! This is the easiest tire to control of all the fat tires I’ve tested so far. You can lean into curves. There are many fat tires that are disastrous to steer, such as. the Schwalbe Jumbo Jim. The Juggernaut is worlds better here.

  • No problem on roads with a side slope. Most fat tires have problems when the road slopes sideways. The Juggernaut is very confident here and also better than some 3.0 tires. Here, too, worlds better than e.g. a Schwalbe Jumbo Jim. (I mention it as a comparison because it is also light).

Grip ? I still have to test. It will be mediocre due to the small studs, but let’s wait and see
rolling resistance ? Surprisingly high, but I haven’t used all of these production-related nylon threads yet. It’s quite possible that it rolls much better afterwards.

You notice the low weight best when starting and braking, but also when driving uphill.

air pressure ? The tire can be used up to 0.7 bar on my 45mm wide rim (which is actually too narrow for a fat bike). It can be expected that you can ride 0.2-0.3 bar lower on a 65mm or 80mm rim.

circumference ? The 26x 4.0 tire is very voluminous. At 1.5 bar I measured a circumference of 233cm on my 45mm rim.

I will test the tire a bit more, but I am 99% sure that I will add it to my shop range

A small note: together with the TPU fatty hose, it weighs a total of 1000g. Some fat bike tire and tube combinations weigh twice as much


Now I was able to test the tires even more during the holidays. It’s definitely a good tire. As already mentioned, the big plus points are the good steerability, low sensitivity to lateral slopes and the low weight. The low weight makes it easier for you to start, ride up the hill better and brake better (with muscle power). The grip is better than you think, but of course not comparable to the Surly Nate. I got off at a key point that I rolled over the year before with the Surly Dirt Wizard. But it was a mental thing, not because the tire didn’t last, but because my head didn’t allow it. Like every tire, you have to approach the limits and get to know the quirks. Well this tire is an asset to unicycling and I will definitely have it on all summer and then switch back to the Surly Nate in the winter semester.

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