Fat Tire Review Thread: Tires > 3"

This thread is dedicated to fat tire lovers everywhere :smiley:

Don’t even think of posting reviews for them skinny tires like the Gazz 3" or the Duro 3", this thread is for real tires, the kind of tire that King Kong would ride, if he could ride unicycles :stuck_out_tongue:

First Up: The Origen8 Devist8er!!

Origen8 Devist8er 26 x 4.0, 70tpi (made by Vee Rubber)
Price was $59.50 shipped, two day air
Thick sidewalls, kevlar bead and kevlar weave through casing
Weight is 1813gm
95mm wide x 80mm tall (20psi)
93mm wide x 75mm tall (8psi)

Contrast with the Oregon stock tire:
Surly Larry 26 x 3.8, 27tpi
Price is retail $130, deals can be found down to $90.
Thin rubber sidewalls, wire bead, no additional reinforcement in casing
Weight is 1460gm
92mm wide x 80tall (10psi)
*Tire has been inflated for ~six months and has 75-100 miles of trail use.

Preliminary review:
First impression… a much thicker sidewall, more like a 1.5 ply in contrast to the single ply soft rubber sidewall of the Larry, casing is consistently firm from sidewall to tread. Rubber quality is good, seams are well finished, molding is consistent, no wrinkles in sidewall once unfolded, held shape nicely without sagging. Tire mounted up easily, bead seated easily, tire spins true, no bulges or irregularities.

I pumped up the tire to 20psi to seat the bead, this made it rock hard, so then I dropped the pressure to 10psi and it was still quite firm, much firmer than the Larry at 10psi (my normal riding psi), so I kept dropping the pressure to 7-8psi at which point it felt about as soft as the Larry at 10psi when I squeezed the tire. Upon mounting the uni I found the tire to be much stiffer in the sidewall and tread than the Larry. The comparison that comes to mind: If the Larry is a Racing Ralph 29 x 2.4, then the Devist8er is an Ardent 29 x 2.4

Then “we” went for a ride in the yard, and then up to the street. First thing I noticed is that the Devist8er feels more substantial, less of a soft fatty (Larry), firmer and quicker more like a Duro; though of course much bigger than a Duro.

Yes, even though it is heavier by 350gm than the Larry, it feels smaller and more nimble. Riding in the yard was kinda limited, but the Devist8er was easier to ride than the Larry and did not “autosteer”. Hopping around was less mushy than the Larry, again feeling more like a big muni tire.

On the street the Devist8er crowned a little as you’d expect with a tire this big, but it was not unmanageable, maybe a tad more than my Ardent, but far less than the Larry. The Devasta8er was noticeably faster than the Larry and again it felt less like a fat tire.

So that’s it for today, got a muddy ride planned for tomorrow, it’s raining now, we’re expecting a couple inches overnight, so the Devist8er should get a good work out. More feedback to follow…

So, anyone wanna buy a used Larry

Didn’t get out quite as early I’d planned, so it was “only” a two hour ride

The trail was typical Appalachia in the winter, muddy, wet, swampy in places, rooty and rocky, so I feel l like the Devist8er was put through it’s paces; I even did some hopping

For perspective, my experience with Larry: I have ridden Larry for just over a year, most of my use has been wet weather and snow, but my son uses the Oregon as his daily ride. Before Larry I had a brief stint with a Gazz 3", which I felt was heavy and cumbersome, otherwise the Duro 3" was the fattest tire I’d ridden. When I got the Larry, well, it was amazing! Big, soft, super cushy, allowed me to ride up and over obstacles that were challenging to me on the Duro and very challenging on the Intense DH 2.5 (my preferred xc tire at the time).

I rode Larry a lot last winter, mud, snow, even some XC hardpack; I did half a twenty mile bike race with the Larry and it was alright; certainly more work than a 29er, but doable. Overall I found the Larry to be a just what it seems, a big, fluffy, obstacle absorbing tire. What I didn’t like so much about the Larry was that it was too cushy and fluffy. Larry just didn’t have any edge or resilience unless it was pumped way up, and then it became bouncy and no longer absorbed the terrain.

Enter the Devist8er. First off, it has a much different ride than Larry, not fluffy in the least bit, this tire has much more resilience and far less deflection, still a fat tire, but more like an xc or light DH tire in the feel. I started off with ~ 10psi and it seemed firmer than I was used to on the Larry; which I generally run softer when conditions are mucky, so i dropped the pressure to ~ 6psi and this certainly rode softer, but it didn’t ride as well (more on this later). So I pumped it back up to ~10psi and contd to ride.

The trail was in decent condition, we’d gotten 3-4" of rain in the prev 24 hours, but it had been torrential so much of the organics had been swept away, still it was mucky in places, some mud holes, slimy clay, and large debris clumps. And yes, I walk the mud holes becauae I am a good trail steward The Devist8er seemed to handle the trail certainly as well as the Larry, less of the autosteer typical of the Larry. Autosteer is my term for when the uni gets locked into a trajectory, left or right, and has to be forced back in line. This may be just a fat tire phenomenon. The worst offender was the Big Fat Larry, which I rode for a brief stint last spring.

What I noticed most about theDevist8er was that it was more agile than the Larry, easier to move from edge to edge, easier to ride slow, easier to start out of a stall. What this agility meant for me was that as I crawled up a rocky “ledged” hill, I was able to maneuver without as much effort as would have bee required on the Larry. It wasn’t as easy as to ride the hill as it would be on my 29 x 2.4 Ardent, but then it was too wet to ride the Ardent on the trail that day. So the Devist8er was a win on rocky uphills.

Once I attained the ridge I was riding dry single track that was slightly off camber, the kind of trail that made the Larry a lot of work; think autosteer into the downside of the trail. The Devist8er had less autosteer overall, but what was interesting about the Devist8er is that it seems to have a “tipping point” where it was either running straight or wanting to turn. Looking at the tread I noticed that it is flatter through the center 1/3, then rounds off on the outside 1/3’s. I think this transition area is what creates this turning effect. I don’t think this is a bad thing, could even be a good thing. I think this transition zone is the result of having a firmer core that allows the tire to be molded into a shape, unlike the Larry which is too soft to be anything but round.

Overall the Devist8er was pretty good on hardpack, still a lot of tire for firm conditions, but not too bad and certainly not any worse than the Larry. I contd on the firm, rolling terrain with some climbing in and out of draws, a few root scrambles and a log rollover, all of which went fairly well. At one point I decided to drop the pressure to see if the autosteer would improve. I reduced the pressure to ~8psi and headed on. I seemed to be having more trouble with riding stratight, initially put it off to getting tired, but then when I headed into the downhill I felt kinda squirelly, so bumped the pressure back up to ~10psi and the ride was noticeably improved.

Next We headed into some moderate DH, roots, rocks, switchbacks, all of which went well, better than the Larry in that I felt like I could “swoop” though the turns without having to worry about side wall flex or the tire washing out. Though the Devist8er is still a big tire, it rides more like a big muni tire, holding an edge and giving a firm ride. After clearing the ridge we rode out along the lake on some slimy, water covered trail. The Devist8er gripped the wet surfaces fine, though it was pumped up to be firmer than what I would have been running on the Larry.

The last 1/4 mile of the loop is on gravel and asphalt, which gave me a better idea of how this fat tire works with road crown. I though it would be worse, but I was suprised, the crowning effect was minimal, certainly the Devist8er did crown some, but not any more than a typical muni tire, and certainly not as much as the Larry.

So, two thumbs up on the Devist8er, nice muni tire, likely good on soft conditions like sand or snow (have not tried those surface yet), more traction than the Larry, more resilence than the Larry, less bounce than the Larry, and believe it or not it feels much more agile and less bulky than the Larry; yes, even though it is technically 20% heavier than the Larry, it rides smaller.

I think this is a good choice for general muni use, more so than the Larry due to have more structure, more traction, and what I think will be a longer lasting tread (harder rubber than Larry). For straight up snow and sand riding, the Larry is probably better, but for everything else the Devist8er would be my first choice. At a price of $60 for a full kevlar tire; bead and casing, this tire is a steal.

So don’t be put off by the extra weight, because it’s the extra weight of the Devst8er that makes this tire so much better for muni than the Larry. If you feel the weight difference is excessive, consider getting the Large Large Light rim, it is 500gm lighter than the LM XC rim, which is the OEM rim on the Oregon. Also, since Terry and I are both running a heavy DH tube, which is a~100-200 gm heavier than a light tube, I think that this is an overkill on the Devist8er and it would perfectly fine to run a normal lightweight fat tire tube or even go tubeless, so more weight loss is possible to offset the difference in weight between the Larry/Husker Du and the Devist8er.

Fat is the new black!!

My devist8er review…

Ok, I have a conundrum frame with a disc caliper tab welded on and MountainUni rotor/oro formula disk brakes. I have been rocking the Larry on my LM XC rim for almost 2 years.

I took it out today on a local trail that I am very familiar with that has climbing, steep, rocky downhill and some XC stuff. I get there on the road and that’s all uphill.

First impressions… This thing is noticeably heavier there are many this I like about this tire, this is not one of those things. I do like that the sidewalls are stouter than the Larry; this means I can actually hop without the sidewalls collapsing or the tire pumped up too much.

It also rolls much better than the Larry and is much less bouncy, this is great, I can actually ride the tire at a slightly higher pressure without getting bounced off of stuff. The tire is GREAT uphill, slightly higher pressure than the Larry allows me to roll uphill more smoothly. This also translates to rolling out of stalls much better.

I still feel the road and trail crown with this tire, that isn’t fixed so far. Downhill the tire performs well, I can have it at a pressure that allows me to roll over stuff without being bouncey but the tire also absorbed roots and rocks as well as Larry. This also means I can ride up and over big obstacles better without worrying about the tire rocketing up into my crotch like Larry would do every now and the. I like riding up and over stuff to keep the flow of my rides gong without stopping and hopping when possible.

All in all… I like it, is it my favorite? Right now, I like it better than larry but I want something lighter. I may have to snag a LM light rim to try it out or I too may drill my LM XC out a bit to drop some weight. I am running a Surly tube and it pretty light

I am going to wait foursome reviews on the Husker Du. I really want a fat tire that will hop laterally without collapsing, the Larry with me on it at 200-205lbs…doesn’t, it folds like a bad poker hand. :slight_smile:

Tirving, the Surly tube is 450gm, tyhe Maxxis Freeride 1.2 mm 26 x 2.2-2.7 is 296gm, works great!

The LM Light is only available in 32h, so drilling or cutting on your XC is the only option. I’ve been exlploring this on MTBR, kinda sketchy to cut up such an expensive rim.

US Choppers makes a single wall 36h which might work out.

I may build up a US Choppers rim. I’ll check it out. I don’t think it’s worth having a tube in a 4.0 tire that is made for a 2-2.7 tire to shave off 5 oz.

It makes a noticeable difference and the tube is plenty strong. I felt like the lighter/thinner tube made the tire ride better as well.

I was running 10-12 psi to minimize autosteer and crowning, now running 8-10 psi and it crowns a whole lot less and autosteer is way less.

I was running some rocky DH stuff the other day and I felt more confident with the Devist8er than I ever felt on the Larry or on my daily driver (29er w/Ardent).

Imagine this tire as a 24" :smiley:

How are those nukeproof pedals working out for you? I was thinking about getting some.

Hey Terry, the Nuke Proofs are working out great! I have two pairs, no problems with them so far, super durable, lightweight, pins can be shortened by cutting them down wih a dremel. They have seen plenty of UPD’s during the wet winter season and the nylon bodies look like new; other than the mud.

The pedals have no noticeable flex, they have nice sealed bearings, they can be tightened/loosened with a pedal wrench or a allen wrench, replaceable pins.

Fyxation is going to be selling the same pedal under their logo, it’s called the Mesa II. Not sure when it’ll be available, but that would be a domestic company, so easier to work with in case you have troubles; maybe cheaper too.

I love uni gear, it’s so simple and low tech :smiley:

I disagree with this thread, don’t be dissin’ my 3" wildlife duro, it’s not the size that counts it’s how you use it :p:D

A Duro? Seriously, that’s child’s play, time to man up :smiley:

^^^someone should try that thing! 24 x 4.25!

Went for my second ride with the Orgin8 Devist8or just to make sure everything was working properly before heading out to Labrador. It was all easily ridable snowmobile trails and not really that good of a test for the tire, but a ride none the less.

So far what I have noticed is that the tire does feel slightly slower than a Larry which is not good for XC but I found the Larry too lively for downhill this fall so I think that it is promising for that.

Grip seemed to be improved over the Larry and well this tire is BIG!

Today I was noticing some slight rubbing between tire and frame, my wheel wasn’t perfectly true and not exactly stable with the cross lacing so I just figured I needed to re-true my wheel again. Turns out the tire had stretched in the two weeks since I installed it and when I got back took out the calipers and measured it to a whopping 99mm width on my 80mm GFS rim. (it was 95mm when new, which is the same as my Larry)

I only have 104mm clearance on my frame, with a non-perfect wheel build no-wonder I was getting some slight rub.

I hope it doesn’t stretch any more or I won’t be able to use it with the 80mm rim on the triton frame. (other triton frames may have slightly more clearance, mine has a raised crown)

I hope to try this thing out on some more challenging winter terrain in the next few weeks once I get to the rocky coast. :slight_smile:

I’ll measure mine tonight.

What pressure are you running?


Time for an Oregon frame??

more likely I will put it on a smaller rim… after doing some surgery.

Looking forward to see how a fat 24 would feel :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t have a gage with me but I would guess my pressure is somewhere between 10 and 15 psi. Generic 2.5-2.7" tube.

My Devist8er measures out to ~ 90mm on a Large Marge rim, running 8psi, been set up for a month, ridden a dozen times, I think it’s stretched, it’s about the same as new, maybe a tad narrower now that I’m running a little lower pressure.

I still like the Devist8er, I’m gonna ride it tommorrow since we’re getting absolutley wasted with rain tonight!

I think a 26 x 3 is on my agenda, just to have an in between when the 29er is too skinny and I’m feeling to pathetic to master the beast :wink:

Anyone used the Duro Boomerang?


Thing looks huge!

Rumor has it that the Devist8er 26 x 4" is going to be available in an ultralight formulation that could weigh as little as 1200gm.

This seems too good to be true, but some foks are already finding that the weights on current Devist8ers has already decreased from 1850gm to 1500m, so keep an eye out for the Devist8er 2 and other Vee Rubber tires coming down the pike…

Also Surly is now marketing an Ultralight version of Larry and Nate…

A lighter tire would really improve the usability of the fat tire muni :slight_smile:

Anyone has ridden these fat beasts in the snow? I’m think about getting either a Surly Nate (26x4.0") or a 45Nrth Hüsker Dü (26x4.0"). I can get both of these tires at a LBS, and I’m making a frame to fit these tires at my school tomorrow.

Hey Jaco, I have ridden in the snow a bunch of times and pretty much any fat tire will work fine. Traction is good unless you get going fast down a hill and try to stop => sliding is fun too :smiley:

Traction is really not an issue as there is only so much traction a tire can provide on snow, so a lower profile tread will be fine and will also be easier to ride on non snow trails and it will require less energy because there is less resistance.

Personally I’m staying away from the Nate, it has very aggressive rubber with tall knobs, so it will take more energy to ride. UL Husker Du is a nice compromise between the Nate and Larry, and it has gotten good reviews. UL Larry is a fine tire, though it’s dated and since it’s the same price as the UL HD, UL Nate, and the Knard, I’d stay away. The New Knard folding may be a worthwhile choice but wait for reviews and a weight; I have one on order.

Weight and rolling resistance are what separate the tires, that and some autosteer which varies from tire to tire. Check out the fat bike tire reviews to see what folks are running on the front of their fat bikes, that’s a good way to see how a tire will ride for us.

My Fav tire is the Devist8or because it just rides so well, super stable, no autostear, great traction, super tough casing, but it is also the heaviest tire you can buy at ~1800gm. On a bright note, you can get them for cheap :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

winter is back with its snow jacket !! It is time for the fat tires :slight_smile:

I am thinking about getting one but still have some questions unanswered:

=> What is best a light tread (like Larry) or a a more knobbier one (like the Knard or Lou) for riding in fresh non-packed snow ?

=> Has anybody has the chance to give a try to other non-Surly tires a try on fresh snow ? How does they hold (best or worse than Larry or Lou) ?

I am seeing some very cheap big volume tires (Origin8 Devist8er and Vee Rubber Mission) but I would love to know what is the best suited to ride on fresh snow qs if it was lust a funny white trail :stuck_out_tongue: