Erlend Loe has written a book about his first year of unicycling

So I have written about Erlend Loe before. He is a fairly well known Norwegian author. While many of his works are only available in Norwegian, a few have been translated (side note: Democratic presidential nominee Pete Buttigieg apparently learnt Norwegian just to read more of Erlend’s works).

Anyway, a little over a year ago Erlend learnt to unicycle and has cycled almost constantly since. I discovered he was a unicyclist some time later. In part because people confused us on social media (spoiler we don’t look similar), mainly due to the fact that we both frequently cycle around Oslo. :grinning:

Later still I met him, first to lend him my 36" and later for a couple of rides with @UniMyra. The latest of which I posted about here.

Anyway, now he has written a book about learning to unicycle. So far it is only in Norwegian but he has promised me that he will get it translated into English at some point.

If you can read Norwegian (Danish or Swedish readers shouldn’t have too much trouble either I guess). Here is a link


I even had the great privilege of having a picture of me in the book as well, with Erlend.

(Ok, Ok, @UniMyra is in that picture too but that is hardly important :rofl:)

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Here is the original/higher quality version of that photo from @UniMyra’s twitter feed

Here is a link to that “promise” :wink:

Such a cool picture!

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He even signed in here (twice). Hello @Erlend / @Erlend_Loe :slight_smile:

I read the norwegian page (without translate) just to see if I could find unicycle and I did.


Learned from previous discussion on this forum on scandinavian words for unicycle :slight_smile:

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Can`t wait for the english translation. The google translate of the book presentation of the publisher is very promising.

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I think @rogeratunicycledotcom should order a few english copies for, because his nimbus hatchet is featured on the cover.
I hope this will speed up the english translation.

Yep, I agree. Although I would like to read it as well.