Video Harestua → Oslo: Erlend, Ruari and UniMyra

Firstly, it is really nice to have the forums back! Thanks to all and everyone who helped.

Secondly, here is a quick link to one of my recent rides with a couple of other Oslo unicyclists. I didn’t see a video category, so I will post here. I hope that is fine. This is the first time I have done a long ride as a (albeit small) group and we had a fantastic time. There is a slight “Lord of the Rings” feel to @UniMyra’s music selection but I kind of like that. As Erlend said shortly after he posted it:

It's like we're on a quest to get rid of the god damn ring, but were not really in a hurry. If we find a volcano we might drop it in, but we're mostly having fun.


P.S. For those of you with a Strava account here is my activity.


Oh and @UniMyra also did a small, fun follow video of us riding down to the city centre, after we spilt from Erlend. The style he choose is kind of fun

Nice video and riding.
FYI … There is a “Videos” sub-category under “General Unicycling Discussions”. I must admit it was not obvious to me. See screenshots below for how to navigate there:



I moved the topic to the right category :slight_smile:

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