Düsseldorf Marathon results - new record 1:22:18

Congratulations to Christoph Hartmann for winning the Düsseldorf marathon yesterday with a blistering 1h 22m 18s time.

That means an average speed of 30.62 kph or 19.03 mph. Wow. (Note: Although it is faster, as this is a road race it is in no way comparable to the Hour World Record which must be done on a velodrome-type circuit.)

The top three were Christoph Hartmann, Jan Logemann and Knut Steffens, several minutes ahead of the rest of the field.

Also, Roger Davies in seventh place recorded 1:31:44 with no Schlumpf, possibly the fastest ungeared marathon time?

Sadly I missed the event this time, but it sounds like there must have been great conditions! Well done everyone.

Full results: http://ergebnisse.metrogroup-marathon.eu/liste.php?_event=E&_gender=%&_age_class=%&limit=50
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After a bit more of a careful look at the results it appears there was some delay at the start, and I was looking at the ‘net’ times (from individual transponders crossing the start line) rather than the ‘gross’ (from the gun) times. In a race the authoritative time should be the gross, as it is not a time trial. In practice those starting on the first row of a mass start should have both times within a second or so of each other.

I wonder what happened at the start to cause seemingly all riders to have at least a ~30 sec delay before crossing the start line?? Maybe the clock started before anyone was told to ‘Go!’?

Google translate: “There was no unicyclists start, only one hand for the bikers. Thereafter, the spokesman said, we could now go as well. There was general confusion, because no one had expected. The gross time is thus the hand of the bikers.”

It seems there was a confused start behind the hand-bikes’ start, unlike in previous years where the unicycles got a formal start of their own. So yes, it seems there was a 30 second delay from the ‘gun’ time for all unicyclists. In this case the net time is probably the most appropriate.

Right. We were all standing back behind the handbiker to watch them start. As they left we started walking up to the line, and once some people got there they just started hoping on and going.

Fine for me because I didn’t really feel like breaking too many records that day :stuck_out_tongue: and the net time is all that matters, It took some of the pressure off, but I think we also wont have many cool videos of the start, etc.

So yeah his net time should be what counts since he didn’t have a chance to start off the line.

So congrats! And to everyone else who rode, lots of fun!

Good temp, Overcast skies, No Wind, Lots of motivating spectators :slight_smile:


As Jeff said, the start was a bit impromptu but after that the conditions were very good–cool, overcast and no wind. Overall it was a very nice race.

I got started fast and the first half went well. I had two UPDs as I got tired and took it easier on the second half. By the end I was tired and my legs were rubbery once I got off. My net time was 1:59:24, which just barely beat my goal of 2 hours, so I was pleased. The kids ( I call them kids because I am old and feeling it today) were astoundingly fast. I cannot imaging how fast they must have been going to clock a 1:22 marathon!

It was a great experience. I would like to thank Roland for lending me a unicycle to make it possible.


Here are the unicycle results:


Here are some pictures for the Duesseldorf Marathon. You are welcome to share them.


Redwelly, you discribe what happened at the start precisely as if you were there - absolutely correct! The only thing to add is that I saw a french guy (Baptiste) who crossed the starting line together with the handbikers. I thought “tough for him, since he made an early start” to find out afterwards that he is the only one who got it right (1s difference between gross and net). However if all ambitious unicyclers would have started with the handbikers it would have ended up in a desaster.

The route had been slightly changed. The first (U-)turn after the start came a bit earlier and after km 4 we had to cycle an additional loop through some streets, which included a hairpin turn in a narrow street (see below). This was particularily challenging for the geared cyclists, since they had to either turn in second gear at extremely low speed or switch gears (or UPD-turn like me :o:p).

Very impressiv! I had the opportunity to cycle for short time after the start behind him. I had to fight vertigo! :wink: I already complained in the German forum that we probably witnessed a world record, which even did not get mentioned in the award ceremonie. Despite not having a fixed 36er category, this is an unfortunate omission.

And we missed you! Hope to see you next year!


And this hairpin turn looked like this:
(extract from a videoclip)


I am surprised that the car still looks ok. Just right to the picure there was also a nicely :roll_eyes: parked Porsche looking to be waiting for someone to crash right into it. Almost tempting! :smiley:

Jeebers that is fast! Right now it is taking me at least 1:30 to ride 20 miles, and I’m working hard! Granted, I usually have a few small hills to ride, but still, it will be hard to do that time in (basically) an hour.


Here is my Garmin data for the ride:


Very impressive to us single speeders!

And here is the video of you!

What was the set up? Crank length?

Cato’s video is absolutely amazing. Love it. His compossion with both camara along with his heart rate, speed, distance and cadence is fantastic.

I was on 100mm venture cranks, equinox hub, prototype aluminium frame, Nimbus gel saddle and… basically all my light weight bits. Total weight was less than 6kg.


Now I know what 17mph looks like on an ungeared unicycle. I can’t believe you kept up that cadence the whole race. It looks sped up like Benny Hill.

Congrats guys.
Awsome effort and well done to everyone who competed in it.

It is interesting to watch Cato blow by Roger at about 14.4 km. They hit a downhill and Cato accelerates to about 34+ kph. Yogi may be there with him on a Schlumpf. It looks like Roger on a single speed maxes out at about 31 kph, and he gets passed.

Roger is back in front near the end and gets passed in the last km with a burst of speed on Cato’s part. It is all very impressive to watch.


Fantastic! Easily the best unicycle distance race video I’ve seen. Brilliant to have front/back view and stats overlay.

Amazing speed and times, all! But Roger, please share with us just HOW you got your 36er down to 13 pounds or less!!! I think the typical 36er wheelset alone is that heavy…or more! Can you give us individual weights of all your 36er components, including the wheel, tire, tube (unless tubeless) etc.

Not easy when built. The tyre is a one off, pre-production and was a lot lighter than production as it was made 2 ply with the less tpi. The inner tube is a light weight 29". The seat is an old Nimbus gel. It has a shadow base. Super short frame and seatpost (there are some advantages to being short!). The rim is the prototype stealth 2 rim, but it is the one that I drilled to test for strength and weight savings. Cranks are I think quax light weight ones, not venture as I said before. The hub is the alumium spindle one, the one fitted to the Equinox. Pedals are plastic.