downhill bcing

i have no experience in bc whatsoever. but. i do like designing new crazy things for bcers. basically my idea is downhill mbc. or mountain bc wheeling. now some of you will be saying “hey, thats been done before, i rode mine down a mountain last week”. that alone isnt my idea. my idea is to attatch a brake to a bc. but wait theres more! i also proppose to make clip in plate(s) for bcs. with optional brace to keep one calf and lower leg perfectly upright. ie. stop it from grazing the tire hence making it easier to push and get up using the brake to stop the uni running away from you when mounting or on steep slopes.:slight_smile: whadda you think. prototype coming soon…

well evan already has a disc brake bc.

and putting clips on a bc would be like making a bomb, then taping yourself to it.

actually, i would seriously be impressed if i saw guys doing uphill Bcing.

Here and here!

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I think it would look extremely cool if it was done, but it would be extremely hard. You would need a brake to slow down but once you let go of the brake the BC would slip out in front of you.

Hahahahahaha, That wheel made a great addition to my DJ bike. The brake doesnt work so well unless you have an arm going up and behind one of your legs, this way you can lean back into it. The best way to do it is get a 24" bc (Hint hint) and get a peice of a car tire, strap it to your leg and use that for your brake. Its a much better feel to slow with your leg than with your hand on a brake.

sound kinda like mountain boarding…that thing that looks like a beefy skateboard…some of them have brakes too…those bcs look sick.i want one…

How about this?