untitled (warning) - video

Ottawa Dave had this idea quite a while ago and it was on my todo list all summer to give it a go. Roman and I finally tried it out over the Labour Day long weekend. You can check out the video here…


Let me know what you think!


Nice, I had that idea a while ago…I never thoguht it would work because if the engines dont fire a tthe exact right time you will turn…good work.

I like the way the brackets are designed to have up to 4 motors attached, and even firing with 1 gave you a small speed boost… Looks like a cool idea, especially for parades or something.


Ha, Yeah…Melt the float behind you…

Wow! I’m hugely impressed, that was really entertaining. :slight_smile:

That was sweet!

A rocket powered bc wheel, fantastic!

Would it work uphill tho?


Awesome entry in the race for space.

Great piece of engineering, great video. Really enjoyed it.

that is super-cool!! rocket powered BC Wheeling!
you should be able to ignite it somehow while riding, and start it when you start to go uphill :slight_smile:

That was so cool. There has been an outcry (excessive in my opinion) about videos with people riding with no safety equipment. You one up them all. No pads, no gloves, no helmet, and now… no fire extinguisher. Are you going to try a model with more power?

That was awsome…I wanna try!

no fire extinguisher, now that gives me an idea, how 'bout attaching 2 to a backback and pressing when you want to uphill



Shouldn’t somebody milk that goat? It looks like it may go ballistic any moment.

That was amazing! Now if you could make a video using all four of the engines I would be in total awe. Not that I’m not already, haha.

Nice story line and nice climax.


Great Video.

It is great that you were able to make that work.

Of all the videos posted on the site, that has to be the most original.


Oh Ya. Thats the ticket.

It was a pretty good time to build and test rocket powered BC wheel. Jason was able to stick it on his 3rd attempt.

One problem with the design is there is a wire going from the bottom of the plate to the trigger that Jason was holding in his hand. I’m going to see if I can mod my old micro R/C car into a remote trigger.


totally excellent
(and i’m only stopping myself from adding ‘…duuude’ by sheer force of will)

i loved everything about that video and hope to see many more