Regarding my sig line...

Its finnished!

From the outside in:

Free agent grip
Avid Speed dial lever
Maxxis Holy Roller
Arrow DHX rim
Dt spokes
Atomlab General Issue 20mm dh front disc
Avid bb5
Avid Clean Sweep 203mm(8") rotor
EB plates

Thanks to:

John Lynch, For helping me a lot with the machining of the plates and shaft collars. Also for pretty much completly designing the way of attatching the plates to the axle.

Mike Jewett, For letting me use his mill and helping me make the caliper holder.

Matt Aaron, For design help, taking out all the bugs in the design.

Spencer Hochberg, For design help and bugging me to get it finnished so he could ride it.:smiley:

Video to follow, Insane trail riding.

wow i think i love you
that must have cost lots

Ahhh!! That Is So Sick!

That’s awsome! Hows it ride?

That thing is soooooo sweet evan. Only flaw I can see is that the cable may break really easily from falls ontop of it. You may have fixed that though…

use tough housing and let go of the level when you fall/bail. the level however will be subject to lots of abuse.

Jeeze, 5 replys in 10 min? Calm down guys, its only the most awesome bc ever made, nothing to get too exited about.

The housing very well may have a short life on it, however it is cheap, and can be replaces if needed.

It rides fine, Though you would think i you’re riding at a good pace, and you slam on the lever, thats where you would need to be carfull. Nope, its when you release the lever that you tend to get pushed off.

Oh oh! Big freaking thanks to dave stockton, for doing a sweet as hell wheelbuild, and doing a rush job for an unpatient me.

Yay, you are coming here next weekend because I say so.

With those massive plates it actually looks like a 20" in the pictures.

It looks sweet.

Just a thought though, you may want to attach the cable housing securely to the plate next to the caliper, and then up by the handle/grip too, or add another cable on the outside of the houseing so that if you do fall and hold onto the lever too long, or if something gets caught it doesn’t give the caliper a huge jolt. Not that it’s going to break it, I just don’t imagine it would be good for it long term.

Hells yeah. That is one sweet wheel you got there. Awesome. Really awesome.

Time to hit the trails now. =p

You know it.

my BC is totally going to look like that, in my dream tonight :slight_smile:

now all we need is a picture of it being ridden!

Yay yipee!

Bring it to moab so I can try it! :smiley:

OKay serious now… wouldn’t it be better with some sort of knob sticking out were the axle bolt is, not for hopping but just to help keep your feet from moving around on the plates?

That’s sort of what I said. Even if you’re not going to hop on it, the bolts help me control it and I have a better feel for it. It feels like I can actually grip it, not just stand on it.

Mind you this is intended for very fast riding. 15mph+ on dirt. At a speed like that, i would like ot be able to jump off into a sprint without a damn bolt holding me back.

Oh right, and thanks a bunch to colin, Coldawg for tons of bike part help, help picking the brake, the rotor, hub, rim, etc etc. And for design help.

try grip taping it versus a knob or bolt.

good griptape will work very well for what you want it to do.