Does the 26" Huni-Rex ride the same speed as a 36" unicycle?

Does the 26" Huni-Rex ride the same speed as a 36" unicycle?

Theoretically sure, if not faster.

In reality I’ve not known anyone be quite as comfortable riding a Huni-rex at speed, as a 36er at speed even though it can be done.

It’s easier to go faster on the hunirex: it is lower so any UPD is easier. I own a 36er Braus and a 26+ hunirex and the hunirex is faster on flat. It as not capable of XC riding or any kind of hill

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As far as I remember from trying both, a standard Huni-Rex is slightly faster than a typical 36er with 127mm cranks. I remember it as being even a bit more comfortable.

You can’t make fast tight turns though with the Huni-Rex, so if you’d compare them in slalom or the like, the 36er should be faster.

It still surprises me every time someone says this. I understand the thinking behind it, but at speed I’ve always found the height to be advantageous as it gives you more time to react before you hit the ground.


I would pick a normal 36" over the huni-rex every time.
Don’t need the extra complexity.


I second you on that. I’m way confident on a 36er than on a Huni-Rex when it comes to react before hitting the ground.
Regarding the initial question, it looks to me that speeds should be similar but you’ll need to build confidence with any of them to achieve that max speed.


The hunirex has the advantage to be cheap, to be less high and therefore to take little space.

But it requires maintenance (you have to check the chain tension, the wheel nuts tightening…) and to be very careful in the turns. The distance between the pedals is huge. There is also the possibility to customize it, add chain tensioners, install a 29" rim… It’s for do-it-yourselfers and those with a limited budget.

I think it’s an interesting toy, I hesitated for a while to buy one… but I’m not sure I really need it. I like the pocket size compared to a 36".

I like my 36" with carbon rim for getting around town and climbing hills. For these 2 uses, the 36" is much better.


Any of you own a Hunirex? I own a carbon 36er, a carbon 29er, I used for a couple of years a Schlumpf and sold it also, so I could compare them with my experience. The huni-rex requires a bit of modding (but every Uni I ride is modded in a different way), but after that is a great road unicycle. Maybe most Schlumpf riders forget to downshift… lots consider that the pedalstrokes of the Hunirex is hard to solve… other people doesn’t know that exist a road specific 26×3.8 tire… other doesn’t understand how to use a brake… other cannot understand that at high speed and small wheel you can make really tight fast turns (but no sharp turns)… some says it is dangerous even if they are not used to crash with everyuni they ride…
I think it is a great uni if you are interested in commuting and road riding in flat areas. It is even better if you like to build you uni or modify it. If you live in an hilly area, if you like a unicycle to buy and ride “as it is”, if you prefer a more simple uni… you’d better get a 36er of any kind.


To address the original question:
“It depends how fast you pedal.”

Longer version:
It depends how fast you pedal. If the 36" ungeared, you will have to pedal it faster than the Huni-Rex. If the 36" has a Schlumpf hub, you will have to pedal the Huni-Rex faster. They are different machines. The advantage of the Huni-Rex is smaller size, while the advantage of the 36" is a more stable platform, as well as the ability to have a wider range of crank lengths.

Which one you can ride faster depends on a lot of variables, including which of the two you are more familiar/comfortable riding.


Sorry for the nube question, but what does UPD mean?

Also, is there a store in the US where one can buy a Huni-Rex?

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