DEFECT ! review !

Even if you were at the Bedford Experience in Ohio for the DEFECT DVD release party in July…


So much more than was shown at the pre-view at NAUCC.

By far the best extreme unicycling DVD to date, hands down !
It will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

DEFECT has the most amazing, gut wrenching, nut busting unicycling you have ever seen.

Things to watch for:

Jeff Groves hopping, dropping, spinning and grinding rails on a BC wheel !
He rides a Bedford Trials and Pro-Street BC wheel with ease.
Ryan Atkin’s, Zack Baldwin, Jess Reigal and others show you some of the best BC wheeling to date on film.

Ryan’s Atkin’s section including the Bedford Staff car and contents.

Kevin’s crashes and deterination are a highlight.

Mike Clark’s un-real rail grind and flying Dukes of Hazard move !

Special notes:

Many thanks to Carl and Sara for their 140+ hours they put in to make this DVD outstanding !

To Dan Heaton… You’re the best !!! Way to go on making a Masterpiece !!!
A standing ovation to you !


P.S. If you haven’t already ordered your copy, do it NOW !
You will be glad you did ! …or I will refund your money !

416-729-9696 - Shipping right now ! Call to have your copy shipped today !


I haven’t seen this video yet, but can guarantee that Dan will deliver nut-busting unicycling action time after time. Just listen to Darren, this film will blow your minds.

This will also be an improvement over UNiVERsE 2, since that wallrangler, or whatever, guy isn’t in it. Although the blooper reel may be quite shorter.


Thanks Darren, I appreciate the comments on my falling. And I’ll have everyone know that almost all of those tricks that I fell on, I landed later on. There were a couple that I didnt, and you’ll see those ones too. I’d say also watch for Shaun’s amazing ability to do tech tricks. Like wow. And I agree, Defect is absolutely AMAZING. Really, its worth buying, I promise. Some of the most amazing tricks I’ve ever even thought about are in it. Great job Dan, we all love you bud.


I don’t love him. ah, well, there was this one time when I licked his neck. I take it back, I do love burp-boy.

Defect has much more style than Universe 2. More creative, new ideas, craziest riding of course-- it’s amazing. You’ll love it.


damnnn defect is so good

my favorite part is probably zacks, its filmed so well and everything works really well in it. The rest of the movie is mind boggling, BOGGLING


all i want to know is if there is an easter egg?

a yes or no is enough.

dont spoil it by saying where it is… its for the user to find it! (just like U2)

and in Spaced Out there wasn’t one shot of you falling in the crashes section… :stuck_out_tongue:

and Dylan I think we’ll all miss you :stuck_out_tongue: - especially in the bloopers!

Zack B’s section is amazing. His trials riding sets a new standard for smooth fast flowing lines with MINIMAL correcive hops. he is so fast that a couple shots had to be slowed down to better show how fluid he is. Don’t worry, you get to see those shots in real time in the bonus section.

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite. Each section (even the credits!), each rider, has his/her own way of keeping you glued to the screen.

oh man I can’t wait till it gets here!

This is what showed up in my kitchen yesterday …


Does anyone know when it’ll be available in the UK?

It is available for pre-order NOW at (thanks Roger, you’re a star :p), for shipping on the 20th of October.


I’ve just ordered my copy, hopefully it’ll be here in a couple of weeks.


I ordered my copy from the Syko website. You can buy it with a matching t-shirt from there. 6 dollars to ship to UK. Bargain.


I got up today and had to put it on again ! 3rd time in 12 hours !

I cranked the volume. When you hit play, the intro music is so powerful and edited perfectly.

Dylan - There is no shortage of crashes in this one either. Not just at the end of the film, all through it !

Justin - Your flying crank is so cool to watch !

Jagur - Your DVD is on it’s way. You will be able to look for your egg, whatever that means, next week. Thanks again for the order.

Mike - I agree, every rider is a pleasure to watch. The talent is un-real !

Kevin - The crashes are just as exciting as the big moves you land.
Keep it up, but miss every once in a while too !

Again… order the DVD if you haven’t already !!!


all ive seen is universe…not u2 people…universe, so i bet ill be really surprised at how much its progressed when iget around ot buying this dvd. people keep praising it so it must be good.

Yesterday one of my regular customers came in to the shop to get his 29" repaired because he broke a spoke and wanted a new tire.

As I was fixing his unicycle, I told him about the new DVD DEFECT.
He said he didn’t really want a unicycling DVD. When other DVD’s came out, like Spaced out and Universe 2, he didn’t get those either.

This guy uses his unicycle everyday, rain-snow-sun, to get around Toronto.
Nothing keeps him from riding daily.

I told him this is a must have item. He ended up getting a copy before he left.

Today he called and said that he was totally impressed with the DVD !
He mentioned that the kid on the rocks (Zack), the Japanese girl and the guy who was grinding the rail (Mike) were amazing.

He said he was extremely happy he bought DEFECT.

Maybe on his next visit he will pick up another DVD.

Just thought I would share a comment that would not otherwise make this forum.


Just ordered mine from UDC yesterday. Can’t wait.:slight_smile:

This DVD is amazing as everyone said. I love the nut busting part. For me, that was an unforgetable set. haha. hint hint. Ouch. Thanks a lot kevin for the comments. BUY THIS DVD. SYKO!!!

-Shaun Johanneson

Or tripod-busting. :slight_smile:

Your parts in Universe 2 are some of the best. Can’t wait to see the full film, as I saw the preview at NAUCC. My favorite part was the caveman cartoon, and how it transferred to today’s modern caveman afterward.