DEFECT ! review !

oh , thank you (checks in the mail)

an Egg is a secret or “bonus” feature put into a DVD that is hard to find…in big Hollywood movies the egg is usally the Blooper reel or somthing.

i was reading this stat the other day about how 50% of DVD owners never fish around the options or even know to look for them, but lots of dvds have them, even Universe 2 has one!

if you are watching the dvd on a computer its not so fun since it lists everything on the disc but dvd players hide them really well.

thanks again for sending Defect.

Defect comes to Sweden first next week and only 20 copys is coming the first time !! I guess by the reviews that defect is almost as good as picasso and leonardo da vinci painting if not even better. I imagine it gonna be a drug, an adrenaline rush no doubt… It’s probly the best after ski movie in the world. I just say. Sex, dan heaton and rock’n’roll that’s enough for me…

Peace- simon jatko


Look for the eggs !

Thanks again,

Re: DEFECT ! review !

On Tue, 18 Oct 2005 00:20:27 -0500, jagur wrote:

>if you are watching the dvd on a computer its not so fun since it lists
>everything on the disc but dvd players hide them really well.

For those who have fun in looking FOR Easter Eggs, don’t read on.
Those who have fun in looking AT Easter Eggs, go to <>.
That should be a link but if it isn’t then this probably is:

Defect isn’t listed yet, though.

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“dit dit diddle diddle dit dit did-it, dit dit diddle diddle dit dit did-it, dit diddle dit dit dit diddle dit dit, diddle-diddle-diddle-diddle-dit dit diddle diddle dit dit did-it,… - Spudman”

Is it giving anything away if we publish how many Eggs there are on Defect? I have found some (i’m not saying how many, so i don’t spoil it if that sort of thing is important to you), but i’d like to know if i missed any.

i found one tonite, Jeff in a caveman suit is to much!LOL

if there is another, its hard searching…i’ll find is though.


Glad you got the DVD. Thanks again for the order.

There are two eggs ! Keep looking.

Do you know what is better than seeing Jeff Groves in a caveman costume in DEFECT ?

Having him fly all the way from Vancouver Island to Toronto to show up at my 40th surprise birthday party !!! … in the caveman costume !!!
(It was a costume party - birthday/halloween.) I couldn’t believe it !!!
He’s the best !!!

I was totally shocked to see all the unicyclists who attended from near and far.

Teresa and Sem Abrahams drove to Toronto from Michigan for the party too.
I appreciated that very much ! Awesome people I have know for 20 years !

My girlfriend, Jennifer, arranged the whole thing without me having any idea what was going on. I was blown away when I showed up and found out what she put together for me.

Like any unicycle type event, never enough time to spend with everyone from out of town but it is something I will always remember.

Thanks again to Jeff and Sem and Teresa for attending !!!
…and to all the Toronto Unicyclists who were a big part of the party !


accualy, i think i did find both of them…in order to see Jeff in the caveman suit i would have had to seen the 1st one to get to the second…i was thinking of that as only one.:smiley:

Jagur, from what i remember, the caveman suit isn’t in an egg, it’s in the Extra Footage (or whatever) section. That’s not an egg, because it’s actually listed in the menu. The other ‘Laughing with Braces’ one is though. You’re right about that. Keep hunting.

Well Happy 40th Birthday Darren! Sounds like it was a good ol party. Wish we could’ve been there…

the caveman suit is in the laughing braces part too.

I’ll have to watch it again tonite. With so many ‘extra’ footage sections, it’s hard to remember what goes where. Thanks.

i know, there are so many. ive watched it for 3 nights now and im still seeing new things…freaking awesome dvd!


Thanks for the birthday greeting !

One other cool thing comes to mind about the party right now…
Jeff Groves friend named Anna was the girl who jumped out of the cake.

My girlfriend had a few of my friends make a giant wooden and cardboard cake on a platform with wheels.
Carl and Sara wrapped it in birthday wrapping paper and had Anna get inside.
A friend of mine named Paul pushed the cake out from behind a curtain before Anna jumped out of it. She was dressed as a fairy.

I had a great time.

Take it easy.

I’m watching Defect with my 7 year old son now. He’s just asked “Are these well-trained actors”.




is that you walking around with your pants down?

That was Preson Ulmer, former member of TCUC.

Hey Darren, in ryans part when he hops over the coffin, is that your hearse in the background?

and was it re-hearsed?