Dan Heaton on TV

Holy crap!

Not sure if anyone else saw this, but I just found out there is a lot more than just the commercial on the site…

If you click on the arrow next to the commercial icon it comes up with a much longer segment!

Let me know what you think… some pretty classic pictures in it!


Wow, Just wow.

:astonished: Amazing !!!

That was a really tight commercial. Definately gonna have to buy some Columbia gear.

Wow, this is absolutely great.
Can you tell us some more about the “making of”?
And it is great that you still enjoy unicycling, even if you weren’t that visible on the “world stage” lately (at least that’s what it seemed like here).

Very well made! Enjoyed it.

wow that’s awesome! ya if Dan Heaton wears Columbia than if I buy it I will be able to ride as good as you!:smiley: as a matter of fact I should buy everything Columbia makes!:smiley:

wow that commercial was affective.:stuck_out_tongue:

wow i loved the interview, awesome

Cool, awesome vid!

That second clip is awesome, good work for the sport Dan!

Also, how come no one else is interested in the fact that he said something more than just a commercial is going to be coming out?

That was great!!! did you get sweet gear out of that deal?

The commercial and the longer interview were both awesome!

Im really interested, I just dont even know what to think about it right now.

Im just excitedly waiting.

Props dude! Good to see Dan on film for Columbia…but what I really want is another one of Dan’s films…been too long! :slight_smile:


Awesome commercial and interview.

What trail was that filmed on? Looks like it might be Galbraith Mountain, maybe.

Hey John,

The mountain part of the commercial was filmed on a ‘secret’ trail just South of North Bend. I think you know the one i’m talking about…

I’ve been there 5 times in the last couple months and there has been a lot of work put into lately…

We should get a group together to ride it someday soon…


Well Done Dan!

You spoke really nicely during the interview. Clear and to the point. I don’t even have to mention that the riding was awesome. I am wondering myself when Defect 2 is going to come out. It will be hard to find an animal larger than a Bison taking a crap though! LOL


just click on the us website link (bottom right of the page).
Unfortunately my web acces is too slow at work. I’ll watch it at home, just to enjoy it the way it deserves to be.

Technically, Dan could already ride like that before Columbia came knocking at his door. But I know what you mean, it really makes Columbia attractive as an outfitter for unicyclists all of a sudden…

BTW Dan, how did the relationship with Columbia come about? It was an awesome commercial (on the web site), and thanks for pointing out the much longer version. One of my photos was even in there! Very well done. Not bad for a guy who barely considers himself a MUni rider… :slight_smile: