Dan Heaton on TV

Just saw a commercial for Columbia Sportswear and saw Dan Heaton riding. I’m looking for an online source but can’t find one at the moment. Probably will be here eventually.

cool, i haven’t seen it yet… was it any good?


Is this another one since the 360 unispin off the ledge?

EDIT Nevermind, I think that was for Ecko haha.

Ahh! I just saw one but it was talking about vision or something.

The whole commercial was of Dan, doing Muni, and street lines. Very sweet. I think that commercial is going to sell more unicycles than whatever they were trying to actually sell.

ha, i haven’t seen the ecko commercial either :frowning:

glad to hear they put some street stuff in…

it was a pretty amazing shoot and i’m sure you’ll be seeing a bit more than just a commercial coming up :wink:


i wanna see this crap

I second this. Tivo + youtube, SOMEONE has to have it.

Just saw it, now i gotta go but some columbia merchandise.
Awesome commercial.

Just saw it, now i gotta go but some columbia merchandise.
Awesome commercial.[/QUO

what network, channel, show? just for a better chance. I don’t watch much tv. I did catch the ecko commerciol on fuel tv though.

you see shoes… camera pans out till you see most of uni rider, he does unispin off of bench. I thought it was cool. surprised to see uni on tv:D

I thought Dan had stopped ridin’ unlyckily for me i cant see the commercial .:*(

The Ecko one was pretty awesome, but it was just one short clip. It had a Moto-X guy doing a superman, then the 360 unispin off the bench, both in slow-mo.

I had it recorded on our DVR once but with no way of transferring it to the computer.

Haven’t seen this new one…

Commercial is online!

Check out www.columbia.com and click on “Meet Dan Heaton” on the bottom middle of the home page…


hahahahaha, thats so amazing! youre like a freakin super hero! man, so cool

That’s so awesome. A Tv commercial will give the sport so much more reconition, and this one is perfect for it.

Good job dan

That is totally awesome!

I cant find it i found the video player and the comercials but nothing with dan.

I see the video on the front page:

ya its on the front page.

I could ride most of the stuff but man, you really attacked it!

The page is different in germany :frowning: in Danemark you can see it but not in germany. If somebody can put it on unicycle.tv or youtube would be nice.