Dan Heaton, Jeff Groves and Ryan Atkins trials demo coming to Minneapolis Nov. 21-22

To anyone that lives in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area…

Myself, Jeff and Ryan will be out at the grand opening of Columbia Sportswear’s new store at the Mall of America. We’ll be putting on trials demos and teaching unicycling from 12-5pm on Saturday, Nov. 21 and Sunday, Nov. 22.

Feel free to come on out and show your support or come say hi!


Awesome. Would come if I could.

I’ll make sure we get some local unicyclist there to show the support.

It’s been a LONG time since there was a unicycle show at MOA.

Dan that is great. Do you have any extra time away from your publicity to do anything else in the area? Our club is really going toward Trials/Street and would love to have you show some stuff.

Unless I’m looking at my calendar wrong, Saturday is Nov 22 and Sunday is Nov 23.


Hey! This soudns awesome, i’ll ask my parents and see if i can. Theres some other things i need to be doing that day, but i’ll try and make it.


Screwed up on the dates… It is actually the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd…

Minnesota Flagship Store

NEW! - Mall of America

112 West Market, Space W112
Bloomington, MN 55425
Tel: 952.854.5260
Hours: Monday - Saturday 10:00 am - 9:30 pm,
Sunday 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Grand Opening Details:

Meet A Pioneer: Columbia brings the greater outdoors indoors with a customized Columbia cycle track featuring Dan Heaton, professional off road unicyclist and Columbia Pioneer. Watch and learn as Dan and friends turn tricks on one wheel. Location - Macy’s Court near the Columbia store in Mall of America - 11/22 and 11/23 between 12 pm and 5 pm. Free giveaways and activities for all ages.

Gift With Purchase! Stop in the Columbia store in Mall of America during the opening week to receive a free Columbia Backpack with any purchase of $75 or more (while supplies last).

That’s really cool, be sure to have someone get footage!

I should be able to come I think. Yay! :slight_smile:

Hopefully I can go:)

Make sure someone films it :smiley:

Wow what an epic demo! If only I lived there…

For all those in the Minnesota area and are planning on checking it out, drop me a me a line and I’ll let you know what we got going on on Friday and Saturday night. If all goes accordingly to plan we should have some practice time available on Friday night.


i’ll be there. looking forward to whatevers going on on friday and saturday night!

Looks like I went to Minneapolis a couple weeks too early. Oh well I guess, I’m injured now anyway.

On a somewhat related note - I was studying at the library a few days ago when I walked past the magazines and randomly picked one called Outside. I opened it up and guess who I saw. Dan Heaton in his Columbia ad! :sunglasses:

Hey, uhm, anyone know what we should do if we come?

Like, should we bring unicycles and helmets and such to there, or should someone set up a little trials/street ride outside the mall?

would it be okay to walk with your uni into MOA to the thing and be able once your there?

i dont know if ull be able to ride at the dan heaton thing

but ive done a demo at zumeiz before and they didnt do anything when i brought my uni into the mall

well, i’m just wondering cause i really want to ride with some people while i’m down there.

We could always have an unofficial sesh (sess?) near the mall before or after the thing happens. I’m probably going Saturday.

Hey peter, you got AIM, Yahoo, MSN or anything? cause it’d be cool to be able to line something up.

weather - High of 34F, Low of 25F, Partly Cloudy.

Sounds alright for winter riding. It’ll be sunny ish, and warm ENOUGH for my fingers lol…

Could be good, i just need to know before hand, cause ive gotta have an agenda for my mom to be driving me down to the cities.

I got a free hat from Ryan Atkins :slight_smile:

And Dan Heaton signed it :sunglasses:

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