Dan Heaton, Jeff Groves and Ryan Atkins trials demo coming to Minneapolis Nov. 21-22

lol. your gonna see him at NAUCC 09 come summer i’m guessing.

Any video of this?

thats where i come in eh?

got video of the entire day, gonna edit soon.

There was that one guy with the tripod and really nice camera, not sure who he was but I’m sure he got some nice footage. I’m pretty sure Dan knew him.

I’m pretty sure that guy was with columbia lol. I wish i could have gotten in there and gotten cool shots.

So where’s the pics and vids!?

in good time zack.

Ive got stuff i’m doing this week, i’ll get around to it. I’ll post some pics tomorrow night in the least.

seattle demo

I saw on the Columbia Sportswear site you were going to be in Seattle Dec. 6th and 7th from 12-4. Is that accurate? I have a unicycle parade on the morning Dec. 6th with 45 students in Yelm but it would be cool to see the demo in Seattle the next day. I need to know that you are going to be there before I relay the message about the demo to the kids and parents. Thanks

Hey if that happens that’s not that dfar for me I’m going to try to make it up there.

I’ll probably go to the seattle demo…