Dan Heaton Columbia Ad.

Thought I would share this with you.

It’s out of a magazine called Forza from Sportcheck.

No offense, I think you have been living under a rock.

I haven’t regularly read this forum in about 2 or 3 years.

Sorry for sharing, maybe I’ll just go back to ignoring this forum.

Besides, I searched “Dan Heaton Ad” before I posted it, and nothing showed up.

Well, it was a huge topic a while back, when Dan got in with Columbia, they even had a huge banner and Uni Trials demo at the Mall of America, and video commercials that many people saw on tv.

Hey man! Havent seen you in a while! Haha. Did OTN die finally?

From his avatar, I’d guess he’s been living on top of rocks. Bud dum ching! :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be a shame.

Back in the day, Borgschulze had the most stylish uni around.

Nice to see you are doing well, sorry for being a jerk back then.

lol dude OTN got hacked and there was a message saying something like “hahaha you have just been hacked”.It will probably go back up eventually though

If by stylish you mean light green, red and black, than yes, it was the most stylish ahahha :slight_smile:

Cool to see you around. Do you still uni a bit? Or just trial biking?

I’ve got a Nimbus 36.

Lost interest in Uni Trials and Street.

So it’s on to Bike Trials, which is much more enjoyable for me.