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Dakoroman Drive Systems Pdfx1
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I don’t think that “god’s hand” thing will work too well…

Dakoroman Drive Systems Pdfx1

DAKOROMAN: ZFREAK220, I partially agree with what you wrote, in fact the first part : " I don’t think".

If “GOD’s Hand” works well/ or not, you have plenty of time to find out.

From this moment, please do not jump to touch the keyboard just to be the first one, relax, allow the informations to sink into your brain, try to visualise, to understand what on earth I’ve posted, remember to breath at the same time, if you need some medications go for it, self induced emotions not permited, etc.

After all these exercises, come back and finish the sentence, you know, after those three dots an explanations MUST follow, to give us some reflections/ revelations of your kind of thinking.

Ioan “Dakoroman” OASA, Sydney.

What’s your new soccer idea?

Dako-romania Football System

Dakoroman : Seager, the PDF DAKO-ROMANIA FOOTBALL SYSTEM is 3.4 Mb, so I can not post it through Unicyclist.com unless I divide it in 3-4 parts/ that is exactly what I’ve done with DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEMS/ PDFX1, PDFX2

Please, send me an email using a private email address and I’ll reply, attaching the PDF/ SOCCER.

Ioan “Dakoroman” OASA, Sydney.

I’m impressed.

The attachment limit is 10 MB.

Dakoroman Drive Systems Pdfx1

Dakoroman : Thanks, Gilby, but I’ve tried to attach DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM PDFX, 1.58 Mb the Unicyclist.com system did not allow it, the message was about exceeding the maximum limit of 1 Mb.

Therefore, I DIVIDED it in PDFX1 and PDFX2 and surprise, surprise, both of them have been accepted, so you can see/ analize some of DAKOROMAN CONCEPTS.

I didn’t BROWSE for another file, so indeed the limit is 10 Mb.

By the way, everything I posted/ PDFX= PDFX1 + PDFX2 are part of DAKROMAN DRIVE SYSTEMS 1, I have other two main concepts and applications; nobody has seen them yet, I am still developing more and more applications for them.

Gilby, twice you wrote me about the 10 Mb limit: nothing else, not a single question about DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM, a small gossip, a coffee, a beer, a new story, ???

Ioan Dakoroman


Hello Ioan,
With the innovative geared cranks, I don’t see what would keep the position of pedals 180 degrees from each other. I expect that I’m missing something, but will the pedals be maintained 180 degrees from each other? Seems to me they would rotate about the axle gear independently.

OK, I see, by keeping each ‘long pedal’ relatively horizontal, the pedals will remain 180 degrees from one another.

Now I’m wondering about the ‘long pedals’, and that the foot must keep them relatively horizontal, won’t the gear that the pedal is attached to want to rotate, and the rider need to fight this force in a way unlike that of unicycle or a bicycle. How strong of a force is needed to maintain the ‘long pedal’ horizontal, is that force high enough to exhaust the one’s ankle, or is it expected to be relatively mild thanks to the innovation of the ‘long pedal’?

I’m looking at figure 17, wondering about F anf F1.

DAKOROMAN : CHRASHING, these are initial sketches, that is why I use circles instead gears, or lines instead of long pedals/ fig. 17.c, 17.d, 17.e;

You can also look at figures 19 and 20, a mixture of normal pedals/ Dakoroman long pedals/ straps/ clipless pedals if you prefer.

The long Dakoroman pedals are connected still with the big gears, they are usefull up to a certain point of resistance; for “profesionals”, stronger connection shoe-pedal must apply.

Indeed, DAKOROMAN GEARED CRANKS can work independently of one another also/ via ON-OFF pins/ or a ratchet mechanism, becoming DAKOROMAN BC CRANKS/ WHEEL, a case when they can be used in a reciprocal movement ONLY FOR THE ACTIVE PART OF THE CYCLE/ 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock.

See POWERCRANKS/ www.powercranks.com, to compare.

The design you use has to match what you are using them for, taking into account the real conditions/ circumstances.

There is not a magic solution for everything, every action generates a reaction, so even better, other components/ like special shoes can be invented, etc.

Next question, please, or the same ones if needed.

Ioan Dakoroman.

UniKid2 wrote: lol

DAKOROMAN: UniKid2, I have an advice for you, do not use very complex structures/ like lol, you’ll end up exhausting your vocabulary, preserve some/ interjections for the future, you never know when you need them.

Hello Ioan, Thank you for the insight, (I’m still on figure 17) I was surprised by the way you designed this so that with 2 gears, pedaling turns the wheel in the proper direction. That is that pedaling forward turns the wheel forward. Seems very clever to me.

Dakoroman: Chrashing, DAKOROMAN GEARED CRANKS have been designed/ created to cover interchangeability, portability, transportability, strength, manufacturing solutions, maintenance,etc.

Figures/ sketches 17… show the simple way of attaching them to any unicycle types/ connectors provided, so as I wrote many times in my previous posts/ claims, the market is there, all the non-geared unicycles, old or new can become faster.

So,the owners do not have to buy new, expensive ones, unless they want to.

Especially for beginners, there are a few designs/ DAKOROMAN GEARED CRANKS UNICYCLES, very easy to master, smaller fast wheels/ thence portability.

The GOD’s HAND can be designed as rounded pipes, so by folding it the whole product can be taken everywhere, of course, into a specially atractive designe, DAKOROMAN BAGS.

I use a lot DAKOROMAN CONCEPTS/ PRODUCTS, just as examples, an input, from that moment/ point you have to use your imagination and creativity to find better solutions/ designs.

Ioan Dakoroman.

Ioan: what cup size are your bags?

Dude, you were actually serious.


I still am a bit confused, could someone who knows more about these kinds of things tell me if they are really as revolutionary as he predicted?

A cranks that move like the power cranks look very hard to balance a unicycle with. Dank, do you ride a unicycle? How would you ride backwards with them? Do they freewheel?

DAKOROMAN: SEAGER, the following words are only for those ones willing to listen, understand, communicate, change ideas; I can not repeat the same words/ explanations for every new post, you have to do your home work.

Let’s bet that another smart Forumist/ or even you will ask soon the same question.

Start by reading the previous emails, sure you’ll have a better understanding, for example I was talking about POWERCRANKS style/ function, also about ON-OFF pins/ Seager, read again please.

DAKOROMAN transmission ratio can be 1:1 or X:1,

You call me DANK; well, I am beyond reactions to teenagerlike behaviour/ see DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEMS PDFX, you’ll find yourself representeD there.

I don’t need to convince/ impress anyone, I only want to spread DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEMS, for the people, to benefit, because I believe some of the HPV’s lovers/ future manufacturers, students, etc, can use these creation.

There are other Forums, maybe more attractive for DAKOROMAN where the treatment is not the same; if I disturb/ annoy somebody with my presence/ creations, the life goes on.

The reason I am still here is for those Unicyclists who, altough do not post themselves, follow the conversations/ just viewers; they deserve the utmost respect, not forcing them to read trivia is everybody’s duty.

Again I wish you good luck from the bottom of my hearth.

Thank you,

There is but one way to answer many of these questions without much pontification, supposition, hand waving and mouth flapping.

The cranks must be built and ridden.

I don’t think it will be an easy task… but Ioan has dropped the gauntlet.

Hey Ioan, have you any engineering drawings of your cranks, or have you already shown us all you’ve got? If so, well… I’m stymied at step one. I haven’t any CAD software.