Custom Grab Handles, post what you got!

This little project was an idea I got from Josh at UDC. Using a KH Stiffener Plate, I had a shop punch a hole in the plate, centered between the four forward holes, then inserted a 2" stub cut from a MTB bar and welded from both sides of the plate. I can swap out bar ends easilly, super strong. I swapped out the grab handle for a freestle bumper to clean it up:

This is just a variation on the KH Touring Bar, using a cut off from the long end of the included t Bar. The full sized bar end is attached to a cut down mtb bar end stub, brake attaches behind the bar end, can swap bar ends, change attack angle, very sturdy, super powerful. Still running the stock seat grab handle, but will likely swap in the freestyle handle to save weight and clean up the appearance.

I like that idea for mounting a bar end.

I have two different bar ends, one long and one short, I can swap them easilly, also have a cusom bar end on order that is adjustable along the axis, so I’ll have tons of adjustability.

The plate mount is sweet, very strong, no flex at all, and so lightweight and simple. I’m gonna make another one for my 29er and sell the KH Touring bar.

Picked up a pair of these bar ends last week, notice the hole in the mount that angles into the handle, this is a bolt that allows the bar end to swivel on the mount, so I get a full range of anjustability:

I’ll post a pic of the bar end mounted.

I now have two sets, one on my 26guni, the other on my 29er, more than 50 hours ride time and no problems, very strong and awesome power, far better than a nylon seat grab handle.

I have suggested to a couple forum members that they sell these, but no takers yet. Figure on the following costs for DIY:

KH Seat Stiffener: $25
Bar Ends: $15
Scrap Bar for stub: Free, just find some trashed MTB bars at LBS
Hole punch and welding: $15-20
Freestyle Freestyle Handle: $9

So ~$65-70 for a stiffer seat, built in brake mount, and super power grab hanlde, that’s $20 less than a KH T Bar, plus it’s stronger, lighter, and more appropriate to muni.

I think you could also adapt this mount for touring by having either a telescoping or fixed length T bar made with a mount to match the diameter of the bar end stub or use those adjustable bar ends and have a custom bar made :slight_smile:

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Who makes these adjustable bar ends? Where did you get them? Thanks

There’s a ton of them on Ebay, seems to be a non name brand out of Taiwan, cost is ~$15 a set. So far they seem to be lasting okay, though I overcranked on bolt and it broke off in the handle, but it was really my fault :o

They make a short and long, short being a cut off version of the long, so you might as well get the long and trim it to fit. No problems with loosening or excessive flex.

I’m thinking of getting some tubing with the same ID and making a custom bar to fit the mount :slight_smile:

How did you attach the brake mount to the plate? It looks like you used the front holes on the brake mount and the back bolts on what was the plastic handle attachment points. The back holes are wider than the front ones.

Hey Munimag, that brake hanger was a temporary fix, take a look at my current set ups.

Parts List:
KH Seat Stiffener Plate = $25
Bar Ends = $15
3" aluminum tubing scrap from broken mtb bar = FREE :slight_smile:
KF Freestyle Handle = $10
Hole punch and welding ~ $20

How well does it work you ask?
Well enough that I made a second one and have plans for a third. It is strong and light, simple to made, easy to use.

Make your stub long enough to clear the handle and accomodate both bar end mounts plus welding into the plate, 2.5" minimum, 3" is better.
Use quality bar ends, the longest possible, and leave the cut bar end long enough so you can move the brake around.

Next step:
A T-Bar End :smiley:

Thanks Ben. Nice job.


Seriously, someone needs to build these things for sale, it is the bomb, couldn’t live without mine :smiley:

Hey Kris, if you read this, would you offer these as an option?



It’s ironic that you bumped this today. After installing one of Brycer’s frankenbrakes on my 36er (Nightrider w/ T7 handle) and one of his HS33 set-ups on my 29er (KH29 w/ Shadow handle) yesterday, I started looking at my N24. I think it needs a brake too. Which got me thinking about your grab handles mounted on modified stiffener plates. So, when are YOU going into production mode with this? Any chance you could deliver a prototype on your next trip to SLC? (Hint, hint…)

BTW, we have a great Bicycle Collective here in SLC that had a whole big plastic bin filled with bar ends of different types. I picked out 4 and they charged me a buck – I was going to give them $5. But, when I told them what I was going to use them for, they pulled out one-and-a-half sets of semi-working Magura HS22s. I asked how much for the set, and they said, make it $10 for the whole deal. Now I’ve got a bit of a project on my hands (which might involve Brycer’s skills) getting these brakes in working order, but I’m gonna need a modified stiffener plate on which to mount them along with a grab handle! (3rd hint)


If you decide to make more and possibly sell. I’ll take one for my 29’er please. A man is worthy of his hire, so let me know how much. :slight_smile:

Well, since I need to make a couple more for rides, I may just make a bunch and sell them as a kit with bar ends, let me think on it.

And Bert, for you, anything :wink:

I needed to post my handle, brycer1968 made it for me, it’s a curved bar (to the right, I hold my handle with my left hand, mostly) with a delrin ball end. The handle fits into the existing KH handle mount on the seat. There are a few advantages to doing it this way as opposed to bar ends.

Much stronger, especially with torsional stability.
I can have different handles that fit into the system
The Delrin ball protects the end and also serves as a “nub” to rest my other hand on when I am on flats and cruising.
I can adjust the angle, how far out the bar extends, etc.

photo 1.jpg

photo 2.jpg

photo 3.jpg

Hey Tim, I used one of those for a while, I made my own stub (see earlier post). The KH setup is okay, but it had too much flex and I was afraid that it was going to break like Terry’s, so I fabed one on my own. They’re also excessively busy and heavy.

You want that I make up a custom for you, yes? :wink:

I use a rubber tip from a field hockey on the end of my bar, it’s sticky so I can grip it.

What I’m looking to do on round three is see if my welder will make some bar ends for me in various lengths.

Bar ends

NB- I have to say, that looks like an awesome set up. Clean and simple. If they were available, I’d buy one…edg

All I know is the KH set up is plenty stiff enough, stiffer that the old rail type handle Bryce welded for me. I have problems with bar ends, I always rotate them on the bars… Too much torque… Or strip them.

As far as breaking… At 210 pounds and heavy on my equipment, I’m happy with the strength. I bent one of my welded rail type handles. I low the “S” shape to the bar, if you can get one like that, I may pick one up to try it out. :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks guys.
I’m kinda stuck on the idea of 2 bar ends for both hands.
I haven’t been riding long, but is there a riding situation where 2 bars are better than one? (2 hands instead of one?)
It seems you could crank up hill better with 2.

on-raod I am 2 hands 80% of the time, one hand 20% of the time.
off-road I am 1 hand 80% of the time and two hands 20% of the time.

Offroad I only use two hands when I am spinning on the smoother stuff and don’t need the arm for balance.