N00b tries to transition to the 29....hilarity ensues.

I run custom “one handed” handles on my most of my unis in place of the grab handle, you can find pics on the forum in the review section. I prefer a single handed grip, but grab handles are not ergonomically correct, so my single bar end allows a “natural” grip like you’d have on the KH touring bar, but the placement is centered in the seat. You could set one up using the KH Tbar, I posted pics of mine in a thread somewhere… Custom Grab Handles, post what you got!

I now have a KH Tbar with two handles and I’m “getting used to it”, though I can use it two handed, often I ride one handed, switching hands ever so often, on occassion I use two hands as practice or for taking some pressure off my bum.

I’d go ahead and mount it, then try getting used to it over time. Some folks have found that setting up the bar with it extended ~ 5" and installing a mtb grip is useful for one handing, then you still have the two handed position extended further out. See Turtle’s pictures under the KH T Bar thread: T-bar discussion thread