Custom custom unicycles

For the uni’s that dont really fit into any brands. :stuck_out_tongue:
finally finished mine :slight_smile:
Impact naomi - white with drilled handle
CF base with SIF grip
KH forged post
KH doublebolt - white
KH longneck
Monty eagle claw tyre
Mad4One hub, KH rim - white spokes and blue nipples
impact eiffel tower cranks
Echo TR pedals

Woo nice uni, where did you get the TR pedals?

tartybikes! :slight_smile:
really good service from there actually!

yours is the first uni that i’ve seen with the impact eiffel tower cranks :smiley: what are they like? it looks very beastly :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the look of that hub… It makes the spokes looks different because of the tiny flanges:) I love your uni Ali! What if we mixed up our unis together? I’ll take your wheel, my frame and my seat, you’ll take the rest of my stuff! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice cranks! If only Echo didn’t change their royal blue anodizing to turqoise! (>o<) :stuck_out_tongue:

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas amigos!

my uni has a bit of impact and kh so i thought i would put it in here :slight_smile:
i was also messing around with gif images and made one of the uni :stuck_out_tongue:

my uni.gif

woah! that looks awesome dude! :slight_smile:

both these unis are pretty damn sexy

Search function is always you friend. There already a thread for that:

=> Custom Unicycles <=

I’ve never seen a double crown frame out in the wild. How does it feel compared to a regular one?

um, its pretty similar to single crown frames in that most tricks feel the same except stand up wheel walk and foot jams :slight_smile: its can get annoying sometimes because the extra crown sits right where my shinguards don’t - so i get bad bruises on the inside of my leg :frowning:
but, yeah, its not too much different to other frames :smiley:

i feel like i’d get annoyed with the double crown and cut the extra fork off with a hacksaw haha :wink:

Here my unicycle with new pedals and tyre. :slight_smile:
Kh fusion street saddle with cut down foam and carbon fibre base.
Impact no weld seatpost
Impact single bolt seat clamp
KH longneck
Koxx one reinforced wheelset
Koxx one 140mm light cranks
Try-all sticky light tyre
Echo TR pedals

It weighs 4.6kg

There is My simple Muni/Guni :slight_smile:

:astonished: Trevor your uni is sooo awesome!!!

Trevor I love your uni!! It’s exactly the colors I wanted to have last year (I just didn’t had the floro rim but it was yellow). Here it is… when it was super cool looking :slight_smile:

Peter… Your muni is just soo perfect… It must be a beast to ride with!! High gear Muni on a Triton must be really fun :slight_smile:

Thanks Dylan. :slight_smile:

Thanks, yellow is cool. :sunglasses:
I just need a ti hub like yours and Ill be set.

Hehehe… if you have a Ti hub it wont be like mine anymore… I’m back with a Cr-Mo hub since last fall! And the only part I still have of that uni on my current setup is the rim, which I painted this way…

Here’s my Custom Custom Trials unicycle! I have Echo TR green pedals on it now and a single bolt clamp.

-K-1 luxury seat with CF base and KH cover
-KH forged seatpost
-Triton Sponge frame
-KH 2009 rim spray painted
-Repaired 07 KH hub with Ti bolts
-Tensile cranks
-Echo TR pedals (gusset slim jim on this picture)
-Monty Eagle Claw tire

that hub is lookin …nice :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: