College Dorm + Unicycle Limitations

In September I’m going to be moving into a college dorm room, and unfortunately won’t have the space for many unicycles. I need to figure out which ones I’ll take (which is something only I can decide on), and how to store them in my room. You aren’t supposed to put hooks in the ceiling, or really do anything destructive to the walls. I was thinking perhaps some type of net up high might work… I dunno. Obviously, I could just try and store them in a corner, but space is going to be really limited. Also, I’ll have a roomate.

So, for everyone out there that has unicycles in their dorm room, and those that had unis in their dorm room, how did you do it? How many did you have? How did you store them? Etc.

And anyone else who hasn’t been in the situation, please feel free to go ahead and post and give advice.




Hey Jess! I’m in the same situation! I didn’t really think about it, except I figure I can sacrifice clothing space in the closet lol. I think I’m gonna take 2 with me, my trials and my freestyle. I would take a muni too if I had one. I’m interested too in how to keep them without them being in the way and all that. Where are you going to college Jess?


Yup, I’ve got the same problem as well. I’m gonna take three, space be damned. 29er, 24X3 and trials. I’m hoping I can find some way to hang them from the ceiling. Or maybe take pedals off and store them under the bed.

If you’re not planning to bring your Coker or 8-footer, you shouldn’t be too bad off.

If you have shelves in your room, depending on where they are you might be able to attach come kind of hook to them. Or if you’re feeling really inventive, you could probably devise some sort of freestanding rack to fit the shape of your room. Something like a floor-to-ceiling post, to which you could attach hooks or whatever to hold up the unicycles. You could wedge it against the ceiling where it wouldn’t need to make any holes.

Or just go ahead and put a hook up, and repair it before you leave!

It’s raining. I can’t believe it’s raining, in June, in Sacramento. It’s not supposed to. If it doesn’t dry up, looks like we’ll have to put off the ride today…

One space generating trick is to put your bed up on cinder blocks. That gets you more space under the bed. That, of course, depends on the type of bed. Space above and below the bed is often begging to be made more useful.

Too bad no ceiling hooks. With enough of them you could hang your Unis flush to the ceiling (not dangling)

How about something like this. You could put littler hooks down the sides to hold your helmet, camelback, etc.

I planned on taking just my trials to school in the fall… until I got a muni, and realized just how impractical a 20" is for transportation. I want my muni for going places, and my trials for… trials… I would just leave the muni home, but I’m going to be right in the Pococno’s (East Stroudsburg)…

I’m going to just take both, and hope I get into the new, bigger, better dorm. If there really ins’t enough room, just send one home.


Hey, good idea John. I think that post in the corner with hooks would probably work nicely!

Kevin- I’m going to University of California, Santa Barbara. You still going to that N. Carolina school? Ben, where are you going?

I’m hoping I can bring the Coker. That Santa Barbara beach bike path is pretty sweet. I probably won’t take it though. If I can find a way to accomodate it once I’m there, maybe I will bring it back when I come home for the holidays or whenever.

I know I need my muni for sure, with those amazing mountains. And I’m sure I’ll want my trials. So it’s just a question of if I can squeeze my freestyle somewhere… and possibly that huge coker.

One other thing. When I signed the dorm agreement, it specificly said no bicycles in the dorms. Santa Barbara has a LOT of bikes, there are designated 2-way bike paths all over the campus. And they have lots of lockable racks to store your bike. Anyway, I just hope it’s not an issue having unicycles in the dorms. I’m hoping it will be similar to the airport luggage thing. “It’s circus equipmet… totally different from a bicycle!”



p.s. John the rain’s not that bad over here. I’m still going.

I’m going to Swarthmore college in Swarthmore PA, outside philly.

Do you know anything about the MUni scene in that area? I’m thinking I may have to head up to the Poconos from Swarthmore to get my MUni fix.

Yup, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Can’t wait to get there.


You want to build yourself a loft bed IMO. Then put the hooks on under the bed. Heres a site that sells the beds, but you can basically just make one, plans are all over the internet.

Hope that helps.


The loft bed idea will get you tons of room. If there’s already a bed, you might even make a set of “stilts” for it to raise it up. You’d need some structural elements to keep it rigid, but you could leave one side open for entry.

If you don’t have anything else under your bed, you can take off pedals and hide your Coker under there.

Good luck with the “no bikes” rule. You still may get “enforced” though, because though rules like that prohibit bikes, they don’t “un-prohibit” unicycles. I recommend you always carry them in and out, rather than rolling the tires on the floor. And make friends with whoever your local enforcer of the rules will be!

Rain: It’s totally wet here, though only sprinkling. Since you are closer to the trail I’ll take your word for it… :astonished:

Just be like MacGyver, he can build anything. Out of nothing.

I actually had to store my uni in my dorm room this past year. I only have one, so space wasn’t that big of a deal, and I got a floor stand that comes with the Torker DX, so it stayed where I put it.

When it comes to the b*cycle rule, I did get yelled at once, but that was because I was riding it in the hallway. DON’T EVER DO THAT and you probably won’t have a problem. Most RAs in the dorms are cool enough to allow a unicycle, simply because of its excentric nature.

If it comes down to it, though, you might have to either bring them down on a day after move in day and sneak it in when no one is looking. Or, if worse comes to worse, you’ll have to get a bike lock. :frowning: Good luck!

I was on the UCSC dorms for a month (college 9). I was told not to bring a bike while there, but I brought my muni and my trials. I kept them both under the bed, with room to spare. Eventually I just leaned them against the wall, though, since I was riding them enough. The RA’s were cool, and most didn’t even blink when I rode down the hallways. They weren’t too happy with jumping up the stairs, though.

Worst comes to worst you cang et some beefy bike locks and lock up your wheels on a rack, and keep the rest inside.

Building a rack with poles in each corner with rails going across the ceiling wouldn’t be too hard. I bet you could get your toommate to go along, too, by making it big enough that he can hang whatever he wants up there along with your stuff.
Edit: ^—Sorta like a false ceiling, ya know? I would use steel, but 4x4 posts with 2x4s across the ceiling would also work.

You could try a free-standing rack like this
Nashbar rack.

I think those bike racks would work. But at the same time, I think it would be pretty sweet to have someone walk in your dorm and see a bunch of unis hanging under your bed. Or maybe you can put the matress under your unis, and you can sleep under them. heh, probably not.


Luckily, my roommate also rode unicycle, so it was never a problem. We usually just kept them all in the corner, at the ends of the loft. This year, I bought these little hooks made for hanging an ironing board from the door, and I’m going to see if those work. Otherwise, I will use the post idea, or make a hanging loft about a foot from the ceiling, to throw them up there.

Not one thing. I don’t even know if there will be any other unicyclists on campus.

I do know the school rents out camping equipment specifically for hiking/camping in the mountains, so I’m assuming there are a lot of trails around the area. I’d be happy to ride with you when I’m there… if I can keep up with you that is…


Yeah, it would be cool to get some rides together up there. What school are you going to?