collaboration video

would anyone be up for another collaboration video? or is shaun ever gonna make like an ill part 2 where people send in clips and stuff. i dont know. id be up for editing a video if anone wants to collaborate or anything. more the better. just seeing. i think it would be cool cuz people have progressed a lot since the forum came together for a video. tricks have been invented and such.


p.s. jasonauld are we still gonna do like competition videos?
p.s…118 hey arnold

Id love to do a collaboration video with you.

Ill be out finding some new lines and stuff and send the clips off to you. :slight_smile:

I agree, I’d like to take part in one for sure.

speaking of collaboration, all these “who’s the best street rider” threads gave me an idea. how about a Shaun J vs. Xavier C video? kinda like the Daewon S Vs. Rodney M videos.

Pretty sure Shaun said he was going to do another one this summer, I may be wrong though.

I probably won’t be up for filming more stuff untill after FLUCK. But then I’ll be all on it. :slight_smile:

If Shaun and Xavier want to do that then good for them but I think it would be foolish for someone else to try and piece something like that together. I couldn’t care less about who is better and I don’t think thats the direction we should be pushing it. Everyone has their own style, it’s rather hard to try and compare.

I’d be awhile in giving you footage as i’m working on my own right at the moment, but i’ll definately give you clips.

sweet so thats like

brian o
jerrick c

and if the video doesnt drop till after fluck then forrest rowell too.and forrest rackard im sure he’ll be down…or up…for it. same meaning either way.hopefully it gets bigger, bigger is better. and yea shaun vs xavier… iwoudltn even want to see that. competition is good but at that high of a level id be like…your parents fighting or something. no good. its like…thinking youre gonna take a sip of water and it turns out to be coke. it just doesnt sit right for some reason. and the initial shock is pretty crazy. somebody write that analogy down. daledale i dont know if youre reading…that vid we talked about i think we should keep it separate from this by the way.

anyways i just took a ride here…im feeling good about what i could film…at least at the moment.

seriously thats more writing than i did on a ap test…anyones interested just tell me here or on myspace.


oh, it’s not like that. originally Daewon Vs. Rodney was just made because they each had footage, but not enough for a video on their own so they made one together. it wasn’t really about who is better, they both had their own styles and the video just fit together well because of it. I’m just throwing the idea out there.

Id be willing to throw in some clips.

ill give ya some…
but mine will proly suk, but i got some good ones of my friend grinding…

If you want Muni in the video I could film some stuff.Most muni videos don’t come out to well though.
Let me know if you want me to film stuff.

look here basically the last few lines

I have probably 30 GB of raw video that hasn’t been put into any of my movies… If I get a chance I can dig out some muni/trials.

As of now, i’m healed and what not and able to ride at my best. I’m doing bits here and there for a FLUCK video, nothing too amazing. Kelly Hickman will be here in 13 days (KELLY 13 days!!!), and we’ll do a rad video together. Then the time imbetween him leaving and FLUCK I will be getting more footage to get a little FLUCK video together. Won’t be anything amazing. Oh well. After FLUCK i’m down for alittle VS. video with anyone. Mullin’s vs. video helped skating a lot, so I would love to try and do the same for unicycling.

-Shaun Johanneson

sweet well it should be good. and yeah about the ? of muni thats straight pretty much anything goes. just make it groundbreaking. life is so much better when things are creative. standard gets kind of…well…standard. its annoying. but yeah ummm im vacationing for a week here to ny and nyc then south carolina and stuff. but we should plan like…beginning of june or something. it could be groundbreaking…maybe. but like evryone should have a limit of maybe a minute or so. no real restrictions tho, makes it no fun. and fun is what its all about.

lol. yea but whats not amazing to you is groundbreaking to people like me. even tho no ones like me. but you get the idea…youre riding is goundbreaking.

i have some video of things nobody has done before :slight_smile:
I’ll edit it all together and send it to you. I should be able to get it in AVI format or wmv I already have like 1/2 a video ready, but I have to get some more good stuff on video before I put myself out there any more.

I’m in

im buggin out kinda. i havent been able to edit any videos or anything lately. i will get to soon but my dads computer has the editing software and stuff and i largely havent been able to get on there for about the past almsot…year or so. hes so lame, hes like nonexistant to me. oh well, one more year till i dont have to see him anymore. but yea ill definitley have time to do the video now cuz hes gonna be gone mroe this summer. man sideways ww’s are so fun, its awesome to get them mroe and more.

cool skrobo. but if you edit your parts for me just be sure not to put any music in as people probably wont get their own long sections and stuff. i want people to get like equal time and stuff so everyones equal when it drops. but yea thatd be groundbreaking get some good gaps and whatever else feels right.<3

awesome. if youre close to fifthflips you probably do groundbreaking riding.

Jonathan Peacock

I’d love to get in on this. Jonny, we’ll probably get our clips when we ride tuesday. It’ll be groundbreaking.hahaahaa jk.