Coker Muni and Street - 36er Crankflip and Grind

Hey guys, heres my first Coker Street/Muni video:

All of the riding is done on a stock Coker Big One (aside from the seat with a carbon fiber base and KH foam) with the optional V-brakes. Who needs an ISIS hub?

The music is Henry Gale, they are an awesome post rock group and if you like Explosions in the Sky, you will love them:

I did all of the riding as well as most of the filming. Any scene with a moving camera was shot with the help of Sam Haber. It was shot on my 5d Mark II.

I hope you enjoy! There will be at least two more, and I’m in the middle of filming the second.

Amazing :wink:

I really liked the filming and editing

Grind and crankflip were awesome

INSANE! :smiley: loved the grind, and that cool spinny thing off the pole, the muni was pretty cool too!
great editing and fiilming :slight_smile:

wow! Grind was soooo cool. Crankflip too.

That was a pretty sweet video. I love how coker videos are so fast paced.

Absolutely beautiful, incredible quality! Gotta love dem 5d Mark II’s.

It’s so refreshing to watch a good quality clip, especially on a 36er.

Nice! Some of the most original 36" riding I’ve seen. :smiley:

Wow, awesome footage. Not sure what impresses me more, the incredible riding or the colors of the 5d Mark II. :slight_smile:

Wow, That was amazing! I can’t wait until I get my 150mm cranks for my Coker, now I know that Bigones are strong enough for that… I wont do it as cool as you though:p

You will soon enough if you keep riding like that. :slight_smile: Square taper doesn’t last forever with lots of drops & things.

The video was beautifully filmed! I want a Canon 5D mkII! Drool. Well done.

Cool! I love the speed and flow of your riding, you have a great style on the 36er! That rock stuff was gutsy.

Dude… that was awesome !!! :smiley: Street on a 36’er … shakes head … nice … :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback so far everyone!

Thats actually one of my favorite things to do on the big wheel haha, the speed you get lets you spin around a lot.

You’re a beast. The crankflip and grind were really nice!

Fun stuff, eh? It looked like it would have been a really goode time filming all that. I look forward to more.

Nicely done, Brian! My favorite technical bit is at 1:07… because 36" is heavy and not easy to do a rolling hop.

Good choice of music for the video.

I was wondering about that, at 1:32. Was that Sam or you holding the camera as your rode?
Re 5d Mark II. I hate you. Thats a great camera.

Whoops, so that was the one moving clip which I shot. I had the camera on a tripod and was holding the tripod by its legs so that it was upside down with the camera pointing at me and then I flipped the footage during editing.

I do freelance photography and video outside of unicycling and that camera has been a huge help in letting me carry around a lot less gear by combining stills and video into one device.

I have almost no desire to ride any of my other unicycles anymore. Doing muni on a 24" wheel is painfully tedious for me now. The coker actually gets the adrenaline pumping when I’m flying down the trails and catching air off rocks.

I’m glad you liked the music! I actually work with one of the guys in the band so it probably won’t be the last of them you’ll be hearing in my videos.

Yay, post rock!

I love how you can roll over everything so smoothly on the Coker. And yeah, riding up to the pole and spinning off of it looked really fun.

Nice video!

so cool… 180’s look crazy, kind of forces flowy street riding or you fall… :slight_smile: i like