Coker Muni and Street - 36er Crankflip and Grind

FREAKKKKKKKKKK :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:
Never crossed my mind…!!!
Been riding 36-er for years.
Can’t wait to see more…(please)

Awesome video!

I really liked the muni and rolling street stuff (rolling drops, stairs, fun spins etc), I am not a fan of crank flips in any sense - and they still look boring on a 36er BUT I do appreciate the talent it takes to do it on the big wheel.

I never really cared to grind or crank flip or any of that with the 36er, the beauty of it for me was rolling over everything fast and smooth.

You definitely captured the beauty of the 36er, I still use my ungeared 36er with 150s all the time for most of the reasons that you highlight in the vid.

As far as the ISIS/square taper thing - I never had any issues with bending my square taper cranks until about a year of use. I never had any issues with muni, but taking it to the skate park a few too many times bent my square taper crank.

Terrific !! I preferred the riding in the woods to the street stuff … although I liked and appreciated it ALL.
The woods just has a smoothness and cool speed to it.
Plus I just like terra-firma over concrete.
Well edited and my favorite shot was the long shot on rock idle with town behind.

I totally acknowledge that crankflips are a bit silly on a 36er but so many people had been telling me it would be impossible (mainly Spencer) that I just had to prove them wrong. I had them in under an hour.

I’m definitely taking both of your comments into account for the second video. Like I said above, some of the street stuff I did was more just to prove that it was possible. The next video will mainly be muni I believe. For the third video I definitely plan to grind a real rail though.

Awesome video! Didn’t think some of those things were possible on a 36.

I cant believe you did the drops like that amazing!

Drops aren’t actually bad at all on the Coker. I can’t comment on what a static drop would be like, but being able to ride quickly off a drop definitely makes it feel much smoother than it would on a small wheel. The forward momentum makes the drop a lot less jarring.

i just got basically the same coker big one, but all stock. what are some tricks that are relatively easy to do on a coker? i know there are thousands of tricks, but i just started riding a 36er and i dont want to break my uni doing something i shouldnt.

My best advice is to make sure your spokes are tight before you start trying to do anything fancy. My big one shipped with loose spokes and if I had ridden it like that, I don’t think it would have survived up until this point.

not a problem–mine is used and i have tightened them already. i have been trying to do rolling hops, but i only get a couple inches of air and i have trouble maintaining pedal position, so landing is awkward.

also, another problem i hve when hopping is that my knees hit the frame. i am not short, about 5"9-10", and my inseam is around 30–is it my height or am i doing it wrong?

keep in mind i can do all of these things on my other 20" and 24".

Great vid, Brian.:D:D

I saw this when it first came out but I couldn’t post at the time and when seeing the thread later thought I had commented, so I never did until now.

For protecting the uni I think it’s similar for any wheel, just more so. Try to always land streight (side and angled landings put a lot of stress on the wheel) and always roll out (alleviates stress on everything but especially the hub and cranks).

Hitting the uni as you ride is probably from tilting your knees to the inside. If you have no pain or other problems you are probably fine. But over time it could contribute to knee problems.

I had this problem after I learned to ride, so I had to exaggerate and tilt my knees to the outside a bit for a couple of days then just check myself often. After about two weeks it was automatic to keep my knees in line w/ my feet.

So when I’m riding my coker for street and muni, I ride it with the seat as low as it can possibly go in the frame (even though “proper” riding height is much higher), just like anyone riding street on a trials uni rides with their seat pretty low. This lets me jump higher with the uni because I can pull the whole thing up higher before it makes contact with my butt. This should also solve your problem of your knees hitting the frame, it will force them to bend further out to the side while you are riding.

As far as not being able to maintain pedal position, if I’m doing anything other than a small jump over a curb or something equivalent, I just let the wheel rotate and land with the pedals wherever they fall. Its weird at first but you get used to it and its a lot more forgiving than on a smaller wheel. If I’m hitting jumps or hopping over stuff or launching off drops while doing muni, I definitely let the wheel spin and just go with the flow. While its not a big jump, around 0:16 in my video you can see what I mean, the wheel just keeps spinning and I hope for the best, same with when I hit the drop after riding down the stairs.