Coker Discussion Thread

I live in NC, the tracking # is 187, do you know why there is no contact phone #?

Just so you all know, if you havent seen it already, Im selling a perfect new coker. Its been ridden twice, and is in awesome condition.

here’s the link to it: New Coker For Sale:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hmmm… I would but I’m poor, I wouldn’t mind a second coker…

Well i’ve decided to break my 40" tyre to make another yet larger one to replace it. But in doing that, it will damage my frame apparently. :thinking:

are you gonna have a new one to race with in 2010? I still wanna race you.

1) I’m hoping i do.
2) So do i. :smiley:

sooo… what do you guys think if I were to drill out my airfoil, and put Welgo MG1 mag pedals on my coker with my 89mm cranks… do you think that’s being too much of a weight weenie? I want to race in the velodrome and do a time trial to see what kinds of speeds I can reach… what do you guys think?

All i can say is… :astonished:

go for broke :slight_smile:

Speed holes eh? Haha I wouldn’t do it. Also, 114-125mm cranks would be best IMO.

How fast can you turn the cranks?

On the flat speed is more about cadence than weight. Try getting on a cycle trainer. Can you break 200+ cadence? Working on cadence will do more for your speed than drilling holes. Then try your uni on rollers next.


I’ve hit unofficial records(with car tails and cyclometers) of about 23.5mph(37.8 kph), although none of those top speed were held longer than a quarter mile. I’m not quite sure what that equates to as far as a cadence, but I’m sure it’s pretty high. My average speeds on 30 mile long rides are about 10-11mph(16-17kph) and I can hold a sprint speed of 19mph for about a mile and a half, I’d say I have the spinning down, which was why I was thinking about reducing rolling mass and overall unicycle(and rider) weight, as well as sticking shorter cranks on.

23.5 mph is about (this is pretty close mind you) to 218 rpm, that’s pretty fast, I’ve only gotten 198 rpm, but ihaven’t tried my 89mm’s as it is snowing

the 23.5mph was reached with 125mm’s I’m really excited to try my 89mm’s.

that should be exciting, now for some 62mm’s :smiley:

or 50mm cranks, order some from miyata or make your own!

You gotta be kidding me! We can’t let the street thread win by almost 50 pages ahead. :smiley:

Who here mounts with one hand holding the tire still? I’m wondering how could that change if I decide to buy a handle?

I don’t, I am short enough that I have no choice other than to mount rolling. and when I static mount I tend to be holding onto some object nearby.

I don’t - I don’t know if I could even reach the tyre and still balance! I have a handlebar up front now, so that’s in the way in any case.

I usually rollback mount my 36" but this is quite a slow way of getting up and running and isn’t well suited to uneven ground. I’d like to get in the habit of static mounting in future!

try rolling, it gets you going much smoother and faster, at least IMHO